Touchstone: Delivering a Maximum Uptime through VMware Solutions and High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure

Srikanth Medasani,Founder & Director

Srikanth Medasani

Founder & Director

Cloud Hosting services is ubiquitous and as a result of this, businesses have a hard time identifying the service providers who can serve their comprehensive and complex business needs. Based out of Hyderabad, Touchstone Solutions Private Limited is a hosting provider offering Cloud webhosting, VPS, Cloud Servers & Domain name registration along with Managed Hosting solutions with 24/7 support. When Touchstone Solutions launched its Cloud hosting service, its primary customers were established web designers and experienced tech professionals in India who understood the value of the company’s solutions and knew the issues, and the drawbacks of cloud services that were present in the market. Those clients also appreciated that Touchstone provided the services it promised without cutting corners.

The flexibility and scalability of their various solutions has allowed them to roll out one of their high-performance WHM cPanel shared cloud hosting solution which offers both performance and reliability with value for money. And, because its cloud clusters distribute resources with high-performance Intel Xeon Scalable Processors nodes, the platform has no single point of failure. The team uses Hardware based Raid 10 SSD + NVMe and triple replication technology with very high input/output operations per second (IOPS) to ensure that its SSD cloud data storage is fully redundant and low latency. All that technology ensures customers can count on fast load times and continuous operations of the client websites and apps.
Touchstone Solutions integrates multiple cloud and hardware solutions to deliver exceptional managed hosting services, equipped with VMware ESXi and hardware RAID 10 SSDs. A crucial aspect of this setup is that all servers are run with a maximum load of 70 percent, with no overselling. This helps to maintain consistent performance for all end users, regardless of the nature of their sites and applications, their location, and their volumes of traffic.

Touchstone Solutions integrates multiple cloud and hardware solutions to deliver exceptional managed hosting services, equipped with VMware ESXi and hardware RAID 10 SSDs

Touchstone’s Cloud Infrastructure
Touchstone’ cloud infrastructure is built on cutting edge high-performance VMware vSphere Virtualization. The Purpose-built virtualization that enables all resources is guaranteed of all-time availability and will be permanently allocated to clients’ VM(s). With VMware vSphere no overselling or sharing of resources is possible; allocation of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space is done exclusively to each Server. Additional hardware hosts are automatically assigned to cloud infrastructure within minutes to maintain the required performance, reliability & scalability for every VM. “You can just call it a truly 100 percent Transparent Enterprise Cloud Platform”, says Srikanth Medasani, Director, Touchstone Solutions.

Its having been built on VMware vSphere, makes the cloud infrastructure stand out in the market. Besides, not sing open source/Free Cloud platforms eradicates any chances of finding bugs or unstable issues. Its Cloud-failsafe network has no single point of failure.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions
Touchstone’s dedicated team of server admin experts promise to manage clients’ Cloud Servers 24/7/365, for a fraction of the cost of hiring own team. This allows businesses to concentrate on creating websites, launching new projects, and, more importantly running the business. Fully managed include proactive monitoring for making sure of no downtime or Performance issues related to hardware with complete VM backups taken every day. From its beginnings as a solution for tech-savvy developers and web professionals in India, Touchstone has always believed in adapting to the market and investing in more powerful solutions. Having customers that have journeyed along with Touchstone since 2006, the company is confident that they will break new markets in the hosting domain.