Timeus Interactive: Building Strong Relationships Wielding the Digital Power

For the longest time, marketers were grappling with tactics designed to interrupt potential clients, contacted without permission and blindly targeted everyone in the hope of reaching someone interested. Fortunately, tremendous credit to better research, statistics, higher quality content and targeting, an unprecedentedly sophisticated way of marketing began to find its stride – The Digital Way. Though early search engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista and Lycos created significant waves in the digital evolution of search, it’s the Google launched tools akin to AdWords and content targeting services that changed everything online. It brought a whole new way of selling and communicating, where brands can reach anyone, anywhere at any time!

With billions of users, targeted advertising and a digital landscape that never sleeps, nowadays social media stands in the frontline as one the most vital part of any marketing strategy. On the other hand, mere e-brochure style websites have metamorphosed into device compatible storytelling websites that seamlessly integrate with our day-to-day activities, allowing consumption of information via devices that are mobile-first. But on the downside, with so many options of platforms for brands to publish their content and even more ways to promote it, it’s hard to know where to focus the efforts.

Hence, it becomes imperative for brands to partner with astute digital marketing firms that can handhold them through this digital wilderness and help them earn their customers’ attention amidst the noise through great content, conversations, transparency, opt-in email lists, word-of-mouth brand building and viral marketing. Timeus Interactive is one such accomplished organization that operates with the goal of building long term customer commitments, trust, proactiveness and brings global best practices with relevant context to its client’s doorsteps. Having harboured more than 14 years of industry experience and an impressive client list ornamented with many Fortune 500 & Indian brands, Timeus has forged a stellar reputation as specialists for enterprise customers in devising their marketing communications and digital strategies.

This small organization with a global outlook enriched with 50+ skilful employees in its arsenal, strongly believes in the thought – ‘If you believe business is built on relationships, we have made building them our business’. Born in an era when people had not heard of anything called ‘Facebook’, and ‘AdWords’ was just launched to generate traffic, Timeus had a front row seat to witness the evolution of the term ‘digital marketing’ from the world of integrated marketing. “Now that things have evolved and everyone is talking about digital empowerment and ‘Digital India’, we feel happy that we have led our customers on their journey of digital empowerment,” remarks Amitesh Roy, Founder & CEO, Timeus Interactive.

360 Degree Integrated Marketing Approach with Digital Mindset

While other 360o digital marketing agencies refer to all digital tactics – inbound & outbound, social, content, SMS and more, Timeus goes few steps further to render a ‘360o integrated marketing approach with the digital mindset’ for its clients’ marketing and other initiatives. It offers multi-platform integrated campaigns that bring consistency both in creative and messaging. But what truly elevates Timeus to the upper echelons of Digital Marketing is its competency in mixing things up to address the concerns and requirements that are relevant at each stage of the buyer journey. It also reiterates its core value proposition and reinforces certain messages through repetition.

This 360 degree model facilitates the company to establish where its clients come from, which subsequently empowers them to get 'out there' with content that’s designed to engage - in the right place at the right time via the right device and critically with the right messaging. The holistic nature of the 360°approach not only enables Timeus to focus on
Vandana Roy, Director - Marketing,Amitesh Roy, Founder & CEO

Vandana Roy, Director - Marketing

Amitesh Roy, Founder & CEO

Timeus has forged a stellar reputation as specialists for enterprise customers in devising their marketing communications and digital strategies

generating new leads, nurturing and converting them, but also keeps the existing customers delighted.

Platform-Agnostic Overarching Offerings

Realizing that going digital for digital’s sake doesn’t always deliver the kind of benefits enterprises need, Timeus suggests solutions & approach after clearly understanding its client’s business problem. Since, the company caters to all audiences including its client’s customers, employees, partners, influencers, analysts and government among others, the company customises its approach and solutions specific to the audiences. “With the ever-evolving digital industry, we constantly analyze our services, quality and customer satisfaction, and bring required changes & technology to come up to the next level. Customers and creativity are at the heart of our organisation and everything revolves around them at Timeus,” asserts Amitesh.

In today’s super-connected economy, even a strong brand (built over years of work, extensive resources & loads of money) can be taken down easily by the average Joe behind a computer/ smartphone. With the right monitoring tools and analytical skills, Timeus helps brands to understand their current reputation online. Through social listening tools, media, blogs and different analytical tools, the company keeps itself aware of what is being said about the customer, where and bring positive damage control accordingly.

Being highly capable of reacting to customer preferences, the company lays immense emphasis on providing content in the format its clients prefer, without limiting its services to a particular platform, whether it’s web, social or mobile. Besides creating high calibre content that can magnetize even the international audiences, Timeus also excels in employee advocacy & building employer reputation as well as building the right interactive training materials.

Wielding the Power of Technology

With the constant rise in customers’ expectations of personalized digital interactions, most CMOs today merge their traditional and digital marketing efforts, including key technology investments in the areas of social marketing and digital commerce. Timeus lays keen importance in selecting the right technology, because delivering on omnichannel customer experiences requires marketing technology that can automate processes, personalize interactions and coordinate actions.

Tracking, analyzing, and interpreting customer behaviour and attitudes is an ongoing exercise for Timeus to target and shape relevant content and experiences along with optimizing the way they’re delivered. Obsessed with delivering superior experience, the company maps out each of the steps that define the entire customer experience, highlighting not only the technologies and processes needed to enable a smooth journey, but also the various functions across the organization that must coordinate to deliver it.

Timeus vests its primary focus on
helping clients generate revenue, regardless of the digital technologies used. Albeit technology enables the customer experience, it requires people, processes, and governance to ensure technology does what it’s supposed to do. Hence, to eliminate patchwork of efforts across the enterprise and facilitate scaling attempts, the company adeptly implements appropriate processes and governance.

Measuring Success with Best Metrics

Technology is now catching up to the holy grail of marketing: the ability to monitor, track, and manage the effectiveness of marketing investments. Hard bent on utilizing the best metrics to drive success, Timeus leverages the data derived from various metrics including Traffic Metrics (Overall Site Traffic, Traffic Sources & Mobile Traffic), Conversion Metrics (Conversion Rate (CVR), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Bounce Rate, Average page views per visit & Rate of return visitors) and revenue metrics (RoI & Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC)).

This provides its clients with an opportunity to pinpoint which digital marketing components work and which ones does not, allowing them to make improvements and establish a better & more profitable digital marketing campaign. “The ROI can be aptly measured by website traffic that are eventually converted into new paying customers. This metric will also help you identify which area in your digital marketing campaign is driving sales & revenue, and which areas should be given more room for improvement,” explains Amitesh.

Sowing Transparency & Reaping Trust

This self funded organisation strongly believes that its steady growth is the result of its focused approach and its dedicated team. “Being a simple organisation, we encourage our people to grow their knowledge, and experiment with latest in the relevant field of their specialization,” proclaims Amitesh. Timeus has inculcated an open and transparent culture that sends a strong message to its employees that they’re trusted and valued members of the team, all working toward a common goal. This helps in instilling the company’s core values in employees and promotes collaboration amongst employees. As the company grows, Timeus’ unfaltering transparency helps with innovation, encourages productivity and personal growth, whilst bringing team leaders work closer with teams and build trust.

Foraying into SME Territory

Touted to be a $25.8 billion market for emerging technologies by 2020, Indian SMEs have the leading role in adoption of Social and Mobile in India. Tragically, lack of understanding of business benefits through digital and lack of guidance has led to abundant of ignorance in adoption. Understanding this, Timeus customises its solutions which also have learnings from the enterprise sector to bring the SME sector up to speed with digital. “Nowadays, it’s possible for both small and medium businesses to achieve business success with online advertising by making use of a combination of video marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing,” concludes Amitesh. Following a dual pronged approach, Timeus is expanding its services to SME sector, all the while aligning itself very closely with enterprise customers to contribute to their digital transformation by bringing in concepts of design thinking & interactive marketing in their business processes.

Key Management

Amitesh Roy, Founder & CEO
Vandana Roy, Director - Marketing

Headquarter: New Delhi

Verticals: Technology, Pharma, Consulting, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Real Estate

Clients: Brands such as Microsoft, DELL-EMC, Siemens, Genpact, Omron, Havells, and Biocon, to name a few