Tibil Solutions: Elevating Business with Utmost Domain Expertise & Functional Knowledge

Markus Pfefferer,    CEOData and Analytics are the key accelerants of an organization's digitization and transformation efforts. It is one of the most valuable assets a business can have and potentially has a tremendous impact on its long-term success. More and more companies are realizing the importance of data and its ability to enhance all areas of their business, both customer-facing and internally. Significantly, one of the leading Data Engineering and Analytics companies enabling organizations to leverage data for competitive advantage is Tibil Solutions. Tibil Solutions, founded in 2010 is a Bangalore-based company with offices in Illinois and Hyderabad. The firm implements data solutions to enable businesses from Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Social Sector verticals to achieve better agility, growth, and profitability. The firm has a very proficient and strong leadership team with a collective experience of 150+ years in the data science and analytics space and a pedigree of working in F500 companies.

Unleashing the Potential of Data
The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. Data is at the core of nearly every business and becoming data-centered is the critical technology strategy for many businesses. Perfectly understanding its importance and the immense potential data holds for business, Tibil endeavors to help enterprises harness
its potential powerfully and securely. Its data engineering and analytics services focus on helping their clients achieve larger business goals through reliable, robust, intelligent management of data. The firm offers data validation, data operations, data engineering, and feature engineering services to integrate, verify, prepare and transform data into formats that can be accessed by analytical models and tools. Tibil drives data analytics data analytics platform, big data analytics solution, predictive analytics, and customer analytics using new generation data science and analytics tools, ML/AI, and industry-grade statistical models to deliver advanced, realtime analytics.

The firm provides hands-on benefit to its customers, who gets better predictability of revenues & profitability, improved customer service, enhanced employee productivity, better, sharper insights for product and business teams that translates into business agility faster time-to-market, realtime decision making, improved business forecasting, personalization of products and services. The business values of all its data solutions are reliable, consistent, and accurate data, single source of truth purged and verified data, real-time access to data with zero latency, and transformed data that is relevant for statistical and machine learning models

Tibil Solutions has carved a niche place for itself, not only in India but also internationally with the virtue of its standardized quality solutions

In the realm of its industry solutions, Tibil lays its emphasis on aiding the clients to achieve larger business goals through reliable, robust, intelligent management of data. It builds industry solutions and data analytics platforms that assist in data preparation, cleansing, normalization, consolidation, integration, validation, data analytics, and data visualization. Moreover, the firm builds data analytics solutions on top of data lakes that are customized to address the imperatives of each industry.

Road Ahead
Over the years, the firm has grown multifold and created a name for itself not only in India but also internationally. The firm is successfully serving more than 60 clients in the US, Middle East, APAC, and India. And as it forges ahead, the firm is working towards synthesizing and analyzing data to enable its customers to make real-time and empirically driven decisions. All in all, the clear-cut vision of the firm is to be the best data analytics company that designs and builds intelligent business solutions.