Thumbpay: Online Payment Processing and Money Transfer Services for Rural Area

Ishwar Vishwakarma, FounderBoth merchants and consumers today prefer using payment methods that are quick, secure and enhance the overall experience. Payment technology trends today are shaping the future of merchant services. In order to enable more and more merchants to accept digital payment, especially in the rural areas of the country, the government has asked entrepreneurs running the common service centers(CSC) or digital kiosks to train and assist shopkeepers or artisans in their vicinity in conducting electronic transactions. The options include Aadhaar enabled payments through biometrics, bank transfers, the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), and Point of Sale (PoS) machines, etc.

Similarly,Thumbpay, headquartered in Ranchi, is offering service excellence for B2B Payment solution for AEPS (Aadhaar Enable Payment System), BBPS, DMT, Utility Bill payment, mPOS, Micro ATM and many more. Its business involves service aggregation and
distribution, utilizing mobile, PoS and web for online payment processing and money transfer services. "It works on the B2B module. Our service base is a retailer base, not a merchant base. Thumbpay works like a partner by connecting with the company, which is the business correspondence of the company bank. Thumbpay provides an outlet, and with the help of this outlet any customer can withdrawal money, inquiry about balance by Aadhaar", stated Ishwar Vishwakarma, Founder, Thumbpay.

The company facilitates Aadhaar enabled payment option to provide customer AEPS services

Furthermore, the company facilitates Aadhaar enabled payment option to provide customer AEPS services. It has domestic money transfer system where customer can send money to anyone easily. Users can also pay their bills like electricity bill as it is connected with Bharat Bill Payment. The company is also partnered with corporate partners to start their services anytime they want. Thumbpay helps users to do all kinds of banking work without any hassle. It services allow all type of recharges (mobile recharge, DTH recharge, etc), online applications, e-payment solutions, and business solutions. Additionally, the company is working on a micro ATM and POS device which is for the rural base area. It works exactly like a bank but basically for a rural area where people has to travel long distance for the bank. So, the company has provided an outlet in the rural area where they can do all the works of the bank such as withdrawal, inquiry, etc. Basically, Thumbpay provides services in a rural area so that people can easily get their banking work done.

Founded in 2017, Thumbpay has been serving and satisfying a diverse customer base according to their requirements. The key to the company includes experienced professionals, regular trainers for the latest IT technology. To maintain this efficiency, the company is implementing AI and support systems in the future.