The Marketing Code: Generating High Calibre Prospects to Rapidly Upscale Client's Revenue

Wendy Tan White, a successful business woman once said, “Sustaining a successful business is a hell of a lot of work, and staying hungry is half the battle”.Serving as the perfect archetype of this quote is The Marketing Code (TMAC),a full-fledged sales-enablement company focused on executing sales & marketing programs for technology companies. Founded by Talha Mohammed Ali Choudhary (CEO & MD) who was just 27 years young in 2015 with the intention of boosting client’s revenue through integrated Demand Generation program, this Pune-headquartered company has cracked the code to magnetize the hearts of clients worldwide within a short span by constantly adapting to the latest market trends.

From Rags to Riches

Not so long ago, marketers in B2B demand generation industry were bombarding prospects with tons of irrelevant emails/tele-calls like fishing with a net. TMAC noticed that the industry is gradually entering into an epoch where marketers target customers they really want to catch, with strategies akin to Account Based Marketing and personalized content that directly speaks to their requirement, like fishing with a spear. Never letting its foot off the pedal, the company also observed the drastic shift from quantity to quality, wherein just a handful of sales accepted or sales qualified leads are worth more than hundreds of marketing qualified leads.

Keenly observing the market’s pulse,the futuristic TMAC adapted the SPANCO theory (Suspecting - Prospecting - Marketing Qualified Lead - Sales Accepted Lead - Sales Qualified Lead - Order/Closure Opportunity), which endowed its clients with maximum ROI and helped them meet their target/revenues effectively. What made this success more viable is its unique strategy of helping clients to spend more time interacting/meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.

Setting his goals far like this enabled Talha to spearhead the business with an impressive track record in terms of clientele, revenue, delivery, headcount, and service portfolio. Instigated his entrepreneurial journey with merely four staff (Talha’s younger brother Musharaff – & a couple of friends), who were working around a ping-pong table in a tiny 150 Sq. ft. office, Talha is now administering a humungous institution with 100+ employees occupying a humungous 7000 Sq. ft.mansion.When asked about this roller coaster ride, Talha excitedly replies, “Well! It’s a matter of great pride to see your startup moving up, ideas turning into reality and achieve more than what you ever thought was possible!”

This young man’s innovative mind and relentless aspiration to reach pinnacle was supported by the experienced minds of Ramesh Kumar Gupta – Active Lawyer (Supreme Court of India) & Former COO of Tata International DLT and Ashok Perti – Former Chief General Manager of Tata Group, whom he often turns for mentorship & advice. “In my prior jobs, I was fortunate to closely observe the works of some very talented managers & functional
Talha Mohammed Ali Choudhary,Founder & CEO

Setting his goals far has enables Talha to spearhead the business with an impressive track record in terms of clientele, revenue, delivery, headcount and service portfolio

heads (Wipro – Ritesh Kumar, WNS – Aniket Godbole & Qedbaton – Masood, Sudhir, Hozefa, Nilay and Mukesh) who I’d always looked up to,” reminisces a grateful Talha.

Client-Centric Offerings

Standing true to its mission of deploying the best processes and technology to meet 100 percent SLA has facilitated TMAC to achieve an unyielding grip on market in delivering Webinars, BANT’s and Sales Qualified Leads/Appointments. The company has also chiselled its Advance Reporting skills, since it understands that it’s the only way to implement new strategies & campaigns, and also the best tool to bestow clients with deeper insights. Determined to provide the finest ROI to clients, TMAC pursues success-based engagement models like Pay-for-Performance and Retainer models.

This client-centricity, quality consciousness and the company’s ability to connect clients to right audience (key stake holders) with qualified BANT helped TMAC to shower in the praise of clients. One such Canada-based leading Technology Publication contently testifies, “The Marketing Code team is extra dedicated to help us with Data enrichment and Sales Qualified Lead Generation which has further business opportunities. Needless to say, the records are of good quality, and have improved the hit ratio of our marketing campaigns”. Likewise, the Director (Demand Generation) of a UK-based Leading Technology Publishing Company quotes, “Within a span of two months, we are happy to announce that we have signed up for yearly contracts, from the pilot campaigns supplied by The Marketing Code”.

Right People with Right Attitude

According to a recent study, for more than 60 percent of B2B marketers, finding and retaining the right talent is the most challenging task. Particularly, in an entirely man power-dependant sector like service industry, managing the millennial force (within the age group of 18 to 23) is a whole new ball game! Effectively surmounting this hardship, TMAC takes pride in acquiring the right set of people, who are highly capable of doing
right job with right attitude. While the resources (staff) operate based on the principle –‘Be Adaptable and flexible to changes and adhere to processes’, managers & support personnel give life to the mantra –‘Our job is to grow revenue faster than expense’. “I am eternally grateful to all the TMACians and ex- TMACians for making this a great place,” remarks Talha.

Additionally, TMAC is steered by a proficient management team comprising of Franky Fernandes (VP – Customer Success), Arvinder Bawa (Head – Service Delivery), Burzin Cooper (Ops Manager) & Azeem Khan (Admin Head) along with Talha, who have a collective experience of 30+ years in managing Sales & Marketing Function, Sales Operation and various Demand/Lead Generation programs for all types of Technology (Service/Product) Companies. Their vast experience plays a major role in developing latest strategies for clients’ success.

Thirsting for More

TMAC envisions being a trusted, preferred partner for its clients and helping them meet their business goal with its highly qualified deliverables. En route to achieve this vision, the company has recently established partnership with one of the Database pioneers, which has endowed TMAC with potential access to 25 million+ B2B verified contacts (Marketing and Technology Readers). “Although growth looks decorative on graphs, organizations can get into mess with rapid growth. The incapability to keep pace with business expansion, sales &ops, and management can cause lethal complications and defame the good meaning of success. Hence, we have mapped out a strategy for 2017 in advance, which will help us to handle any situation – weather our revenue and earnings skyrocket or take a nosedive,” quotes an astute Talha.

Key Management:

Talha Mohammed Ali Choudhary, Founder & CEO
Talha has garnered 10+ years of experience in the B2B industry from diverse organizations including QedBaton ,Tata , Wipro and WNS. At TMAC, he is responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction.

Offices: Pune (headquarter), Presence - U.S. & UAE

  • Lead Generation & Content Marketing
  • B2B Appointment Garnering
  • Key Account Management & Lead Nurturing
  • Webinars/Event Promotion
  • Data Enrichment

  • Accomplishments:
    In the short span of over two years TMAC has delivered:
  • 2,00,000+ Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 33,000+ BANT & Sales Accepted/Qualified Leads
  • 19,000+ Webinar & Event Leads
  • 3,000+ Confirmed Call Back & Qualified Appointments with right decision makers resulted into substantial number of RFP, RFI, POC further translated into good size of Orders/Closures and counting.