The Digital Omnibus: Providing End-to-End Customized Digital Solutions

Anindya Vasudev,FounderWith the proliferation of smartphones and the accelerating penetration of internet, the traditional equations of Digital Marketing strategies are on the course of a complete makeover. Currently, social media takes away the lion's share of digital ad spends with 28 percent, followed by search 26 percent, display 21 percent and video 19 percent. The nuances of marketing, advertising and aesthetics, especially in the current context of radically evolving social media consumption, pose a challenging situation for entrepreneurs or managements who are striving to get a balance between product development and branding. Therefore, businesses are in the search of persuasive digital marketing service providers who can provide a gamut of solutions that bag their various requirements ranging from corporate branding, logo designs and interface designs to payment gateways. The Digital Omnibus, a progressive and creative digital marketing agency from New Delhi is creating a bench-mark in this domain by developing newer ways and unique value propositions to become a single source of all digital

Omnibus’s services cover all the pertinent areas including content marketing, conversion funnelling, social media optimisation, search engine optimisation, core interface development, video graphy, analytics and data optimisation, to name a few. In every project, the company ingeniously plots an integrated marketing map for customer that reaches the nitty-gritty of branding requirements. The Digital Omnibus’s founder, Anindya Vasudev, elaborates on how they integrate the client’s vision and project requirement to their processes: “Every client or project is different, bringing with them unique challenges which require personalized and dynamic strategies to tackle them. In all our projects, our motivation is our customers’ passion in their product and open-mindedness in their execution we adopt their vision and personalise our services to work in synergy. Anindya continues, “Instead of providing boilerplate services, we come up with a unique, personalized and effective marketing plan. Omnibus intimately identifies with the product and its potential audience. We focus on understanding the entire journey of our clients from the inception of their product till now. From site visits, soft launches, design consulting and small scale Public Relations to market dip tests and data analysis, Omnibus offers marketing solutions that may operate on conventional platforms but are customized exclusively for our clients to enable a unique communication strategy and assured results. True to our name, we endeavour to offer our clients an omnibus of premium services.”
Established in 2014, Omnibus has worked with diverse groups of clients, both local enterprises and internationally established companies that hail from different industries like Real-Estate, Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Human Rights, Fashion and Media sectors. Cut to 2018, company serves clients in over eight countries and is proudly affiliated with development sector enterprises that range from Alzheimer's Disease Research, Education and Skill Building and Healthcare Awareness to Human Rights. Adding yet another feather on its cap, Omnibus has won the best Digital Marketing and Community Outreach 2017 Award (International) for a client that franchises a leading global fitness chain in India.

Anindya says, “Today, The Digital Omnibus owns a flagship creative studio in New Delhi and has built an agency presence in Mumbai. Our dedicated and creative team members and company’s diverse work culture play a crucial role in keeping the company up to speed with the latest innovations. He summarizes, “Our 2018 plan includes the creation of a PR and Event Management wing to widen our Digital Marketing scope to other marketing segments and grow as a full service communications agency. For 2019, we aspire to expand our international client roster, establish branches in both Bangalore and Pune, and perhaps launch our very own product that deals with Sustainable Environmental Development cum Retail.”