Testhouse: An Ardent DevOps Consultant Emphasizing on Quality, Cost Efficiency & Speed of Delivery

Sug Sahadevan,  Founder & Group CEO,Ani Gopinath,  General Manager & Group COO

Sug Sahadevan, Founder & Group CEO

From being just a practice, DevOps has transformed into a philosophical movement today, where a swarm of businesses are wielding its advantages. Name any function within IT, and DevOps can enhance for you – be it efficient business operations, improved customer service, high employee morale or increased scope for innovating new products /solutions. Poised in this prominent space of DevOps as a leading consultant and thought leader is Testhouse (Est. 2000) breathing a unique culture of comprehending the customers’ requirements and accordingly exploring the right fit solutions for them. In fact, this ISO:9001 & ISO:27001 certified firm stands in stark contrast to its competitors, the majority suggesting a prescribed DevOps solution to customers or directly plunging into the technical solution.

The Unique Philosophy
Testhouse’s DevOps philosophy circles around three compelling ways - systems thinking, experimenting and learning & feedback. Sug Sahadevan, Founder & Group CEO, Testhouse, articulates, “Through systems thinking, we take diligent care of our client’s business needs, their operations and successful functioning. We execute this through the implementation of continuous integration & delivery that improves processes in the most efficient manner”. The firm enables the clients with the ability and freedom to experiment within a mature DevOps platform along with continuous feedback, both at business and technical levels.By leveraging Testhouse’s forte in DevOps, businesses can reinforce the quality of their software products, reducing the time to market and reducing technical debt significantly.

Testhouse’ clients range from
medium-sized organisations such as Workspace, L&Q Housing Association, Bauer Media to large corporates like KPMG, CBRE, Regus, Emirates National Oil Company and Freddie Mac. Most of its customers are on the lookout to increase the speed of delivery of their IT functions, implement a bespoke DevOps solution or enhance their existing DevOps practice. Testhouse ensures to address all these challenges through its DevOps oriented solutions – DevOps 4Dynamics, AzureDevOps and DevOps4Mobile. Among these, the firm’s flagship solution is DevOps4Mobile, which is a quality and testing paradigm oriented on leading mobile application development testing and deployment on the cloud. Additionally, Testhouse services under DevOps such as consulting, implementation and on-going support are built based on the solutions mentioned above.

"We consider our Hybrid Model as the best solution for our customers due to our emphasis on both quality and cost-efficient delivery"

Hybrid Delivery Model
Commenting on Testhouse’s delivery model, Sug asserts, “We consider our Hybrid Model as the best solution for our customers due to our emphasis on both quality and cost-efficient delivery”. Across this model, the firm owns an onsite presence for management and customer engagement using the larger pool from its offshore team. Apart from this, Testhouse’s consultants take immense pride and enthusiasm in making sure that their customers enjoy an optimal solution. These experts hold strong educational background coupled with the experience of working on multiple projects at different stages of engagement. Above all, their boundless passion towards DevOps is what keeps them moving ahead triumphantly.

The Journey So Far
Initially, Testhouse focused on the traditional waterfall and V-model testing methodologies. However, later, the firm moulded itself to embrace the Scrum Agile methodology and currently delivers top-notch software along with continuous testing with quicker speeds of deployment till operational readiness. Beyond just testing, Testhouse has grown to address clients’ requirements including defect detection &
prevention, lifecycle quality assurance, predictive modelling, risk mitigation and quality control. Testhouse’s prime objective is to enable Total Quality Management for businesses that rely on technology, by utilising the power of change and innovation that can benefit their customers. The firm's vision is to enable the optimum user experience and software efficiency allowing global organisations to harness the true power of technology. Testhouse is the proud recipient of ‘The Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2018’ wherein Mr. Sahadevan believes that this award is a recognition of the passion and commitment of the company’s team and its innovative global delivery practices.

Oriented on LEAN principles coupled with continuous improvement across its DevOps ecosystem, Testhouse constantly works on elevating the status quo by improving both quality and speed of delivery. The firm stays by its customer’s challenges while crafting bespoke solutions for them and later assimilates these solutions into its collective experience and expertise. So far,Testhouse has experienced approximately 60 per cent growth during the past two years and envisages achieving the same for the upcoming two years.

Key Management:
Sug Sahadevan, Founder & Group CEO
With extensive experiences of working at GCHQ, Digital Equipment Corporation, Bank of America, Centrica and Deutsche Bank, Sug laid the foundation of Testhouse in 2000 and is presently overseeing its global expansion.

Ani Gopinath, General Manager & Group COO
Rajesh Narayan, CEO – Middle East & APAC
Malini Valsala, COO – Middle East & APAC

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