Tesseract: Offering Comprehensive 3D Printing Services to Bring Customer's Ideas into Life

Aman Modi & Harsh Sarvaiya,Co-Founders

Harsh Sarvaiya, Co-Founder

3D Printing is heralding the next industrial revolution and proffers a new opportunity for the businesses to claim stakes in the emerging sector. While the technology is still nascent in India, making motilities into it can bring significant challenges to businesses. Assisting businesses to bout these challenges, and transform their ideas into life is Tesseract, a budding company in the 3D space specializing in design & consultation services. Caned by a team of specialist modellers & designers who are proficient in developing futuristic designs & large complex structures, Tesseract helps customers to redesign/improvise their designs, and make them suitable for 3D printing. Ensuring that materials suit their applications, Tesseract offers 30 different material options in India and utterly gratifies customer’s requirements with accuracy in the nick of time. “We help our customers in designing appropriately and choosing the best technology with superior finish & accuracy at economical prices. We always ensure that we deliver on these commitments & their requirements, and many times, it exceeds their expectations,” says Aman Modi, Co-Founder, Tesseract.

Holistic Approach
A one-stop-shop, Tesseract expedites its customers in developing products right from market research for product viability, design development/scanning,
prototyping to finally mass manufacturing. The company that specializes in post-production processing and after-sales service, offers all kinds of cutting-edge 3D printing services that include 3D designing, CAD design, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, filaments & 3D printed gift manufacturing, and more at affordable prices. Through these services, it serves the requirements of diverse industries like Automotive, Defence, General Engineering, Jewellery, Dental, Medical, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Arts, and Education.

"Tesseract’s design team is equipped to develop futuristic designs, which are challenging/cannot be produced to achieve through traditional techniques"

Tesseract’s design team is equipped to develop futuristic designs, which are challenging/cannot be produced to achieve through traditional techniques. For instance, through reverse engineering procedures, it empowers manufacturers to digitize their old parts & design a CAD model of the same for products’ future reproduction. Tesseract’s strong strategic relationships with many of the leading 3D manufacturers in the Netherlands, U.S. and Germany enables it to stay abreast of emerging technologies and introduce them in India to replace & complement traditional operational methods. This also allows it to give large batch manufacturing services and reduce the time & cost of designing new products.

After post-production process, the company’s quality control team ensures that products are delivered only if they are within the parameters defined by the project’s requirements. Moreover, while its swift delivery service assures on-time delivery, its after-sales
service team addresses the customer’s concerns, for instance, if the client is ungratified, it replaces the stock promptly. It’s this holistic approach that thrust Tesseract customers like Minda Corporation, Godrej, Marico, IIT Bombay, DRDO, and Vogo to continue working with it.

Aman Modi, Co-Founder

Breaking the Mold
Notwithstanding their well-wishers’ longings, Aman & Harsh Sarvaiya, who are chartered accountants by profession and enthusiastic about bringing 3D printing to the forefront of industry, established Tesseract in 2016. With the duo at its helm, Tesseract’s revenue surged to Rs.3 crore from initial year’s Rs.20 lakh, busting the myth that only engineers can be salutary in the 3D printing industry. The company targets to increase this number by 15 times and become a global company. For that, Tesseract is setting-up cutting-edge 3D print farm equipped with sundry machines by the first quarter of 2019 to provide large batch production & material options at affordable prices. To take-on manufacturing challenges, it’s also expanding its design team to produce designs that can’t be made due to limited manufacturing technologies. “We are also targeting to work with regional players through strategic investments & collaborations to offer better personalized & next door services worldwide,” concludes Harsh.