Tej SolPro: Enhancing Business Scalability via Custom - made Digital Solutions

Jaydip Parikh,Founder & CEO

Jaydip Parikh

Founder & CEO

The current marketing scenario that has come to rely heavily on digital platforms is unfulfilled without the inclusion of Google Adwords. The Pay Per Click marketing technique is one of the most economic sources for lead generation for an extremely targeted audience. The organizations deploying this segment can focus on key marketing words and its bidding that can be tailor-made to fit their requirements. With over 1.2 million businesses employing this service, it demands expertise and undertaking of key element functioning of Google Adwords that can jump start high revenue generating marketing campaigns. Tej SolPro, the brain child of Jaydip Parikh (Founder & CEO), was established in 2011 to provide this expertise and ability to deploy Google Adwords and cater to the demand of digital marketing. "After some 10 years of working in this field, I knew the potential of digital world & the scope it had," states Jaydip.

Proffering prime services in Google Adwords, Tej SolPro helps its clients to acquire the relevant
lead traffic to convert into clients and enhance visibility. The company builds connections with relevant sites, places advertisements on them and bids for key marketing words while the ongoing campaigns are executed with assurance of cheap bidding and profitable returns on client's investment. Additionally, the team of experts in the domains of SMO, SEO and Digital Marketing delves deep into the thought process of the clients and taps on to the major pain point that is followed by a brainstorming session for unique solutions. This basket of services is also inclusive of online outreach that strategizes the client's online network and Online Reputation Management that enhances word of mouth publicity digitally.

Proffering prime services in Google Adwords, Tej SolPro enables businesses to acquire relevant lead traffic and convert them into clients and enhance visibility

By combining communication and brainstorming with implementation of the solutions, the company believes in harnessing the best by employing in depth testing that concludes desired results. Interestingly, Tej SolPro follows an entirely different policy of not addressing to 'packages' as it believes that every issue is unique and provision for it is exclusive in its own way that
cannot be predetermined. Such unique ideation and marketing style invited contradiction which was very evident by the palpable indifference Jaydip could feel towards digital marketing in the business city of Ahmadabad. The challenge involved educating medium and small business about the concept of online marketing and high ROI that could be garnered. But with conviction in its ideas and perseverance, Tej SolPro has emerges as a thriving organisation bestowed with the title of official Google Partner for Adwords that has successfully garnered trust of big industrial names such as YourStory, Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited and so on.

Being the Solution Provider
Traditional is boring and Tej SolPro is anything but mundane. The company is on constant lookout for fresh ideas to propagate digital marketing and awareness of its positive implications. For example, it educates students and professionals via the in-house institute DIIM to propagate digital media and has also organised a live twitter event covering convocation ceremony at a university in Gujarat that was acknowledged by the newspapers. Currently headquartered at Ahmadabad, this team of eight creative heads follow the 'no rule listing' and aspire to tap into the unexplored digital segment of the city. In addition to this, Tej SolPro plans on opening regional offices PAN India and aims to dip its toes in the international waters as well.