Techvivid: An End-to-End Resolution to All ICT Challenges

Manoj Kundliya,  Project Director- Global

Manoj Kundliya
Project Director – Global

The IT Professional Services Market has encountered significant development over the recent years and is anticipated to grow tremendously over the forecast period. The picture in India is painted by few expert ad experienced providers like Techvivid Systems. Techvivid Systems (TVSL)is a System Integrator operating in the Middle East & Africa and East Asia. Established in 2014, TVSL is a System integrator and solution provider with an exceptional portfolio of products, services, and solutions for information systems, surveillance system, infrastructure technology, system management and storage. Focusing on providing end-to-end Professional services, Techvivid is helping organizations of various sizes to keep their essential digital information protected, secure and continuously available.

Primarily, deploying a fair share of the most advanced technologies existing in computing and communications, TVSL is trying to increase organizations’ potential to ‘do more’. In an effort to service and satisfy the demands of office environment effectively, TVSL
provides personalized services, prompt response, and creative offerings that are sensitive to clients’ needs. TVSL offers a comprehensive suite of professional IT services designed to help businesses meet their goals through the effective use of both existing and emerging technology- a combination of latest and legacy systems. More so, the company specializes in providing professional services like Microsoft platform solutions, complete network solutions based on security to the corporate clients, and complete security solutions. TVSL provides remote access solutions (Cisco, Microsoft, & Many others) Security products and services (Firewalls, VPN's, Encryption Products & Many others), Programming & Database design and Web enabled products and services.

"Irrespective of the varied demands of businesses related to complete replacement or upgrade of their Infrastructure, TVSL is always ready with their comprehensive suite of solutions"

Taking Care of the Data Path
We have entered the era when Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) technology has infused in almost every industry known. To be specific, the technical and commercial use of computer and internet technology are of great importance for the development of local and globally distributed automation solutions. Therefore, communications networks (Field bus systems, local data networks, the intranet and the internet) make required data available in real time. This data is needed for exchanging information between the various levels and
components of automation systems and processing it post that. Accordingly, Techvivid Systems offers solutions and enables integration of the required data processing systems from industrial workstations to servers allowing real time data availability in HA (High Availability) based technology of IT Network for automations.

Irrespective of the varied demands of businesses related to complete replacement or upgrade of their infrastructure, TVSL is always ready with their comprehensive suite of solutions. Techvivid Systems supports SMBs to establish full network including Structured Cabling Solutions, Network and Wireless Solutions from L2 network to Core solutions and Cloud Solutions. Techvivid Systems provides total IT solutions to build and manage your IT infrastructure needs.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, Techvivid Systems (TVSL) envisions becoming the 1st preference for ICT infrastructure needs by 2020. “We look at ourselves as an extension of our clients’ business and are committed to providing services and solutions that are obsolescence proof, which complement your business strategy and help you achieve the maximum return from your investment with proactive services”, adds Manoj Kundliya, Project Director– Global, Techvivid Systems. With the vision mentioned earlier and the approach explained by Manoj, Techvivid strives to deliver rapid and lasting return on Investment for its clients.