TECHVED: Bringing Ideas to Reality with Design Thinking Approach

Mohar V,Co-founder & CEO

Mohar V

Co-founder & CEO

In a short span of two years, the design market witnessed not just advent, but also mass adoption of disruptive technologies, such as voice user interface, mixed realities and smart home devices. The actual process of designing these experiences might have stayed the same, but the emergence of new technologies has given rise to new human behaviors, which re-quire new experiences and solutions. This alarms the businesses to make amendments in their design thinking to stay ahead in the competition. The brain child of thought leader Mohar V and design thinker Neha Modgil, TECHVED Consulting is a UX/UI Design & Development powerhouse serving brands across the globe with innovative and modern digital solutions. TECHVED affirms that its service itself is a key solution to many brands and their users. "We firmly believe the users should feel that every interaction and every design is useful for them", says Mohar V, Co-founder & CEO, TECHVED. The company's UI/UX allows the most aspiring brands to progress efficiently with a great sense of focus. TECHVED focuses on centering user experience, building trouble free interactions, providing SEO friendly content, and making the digital journey accessible via building simple solutions. TECHVED has a team of highly experienced UI/UX designers and developers from all age groups. At present, the design consulting firm
is also adapting to GENZ designs and content approach to make the user experience more personalized. "Design trends change all the time and our UI/UX ideas evolve with the trends", adds the CEO.

Instead of competing with its peers in the UI/UX domain, TECHVED has always believed in delivering the best design solutions to keep both, its clients and their users happy. TECHVED's qualitative services imprint the uniqueness of this firm in the industry. TECHVED's human centered designs keep the firm close to the clients and their users. This design firm's biggest success is serving its clients to win over their competitors and to make their digital service stay ahead of its time. Be-sides, brands constantly seek some thing fresh & innovative and are always on the go to revise their digital assets along with their brand guidelines. Clients face loads of difficulties pertaining to design, development and content. TECHVED makes it delightful and trouble free with its human centered design approach and content strategies. TECHVED's contemporary solutions include AI Chatbot & Accessibility services. "With this our customers have be-come more delighted and confident about their products and services", confirms Mohar.

TECHVED's human centered designs keep the firm close to the clients and their users

With a futuristic vision for digital transformation in terms of UI/UX design & expansion, TECHVED Consulting is driving the industry with its contemporary design trends and development skills. Over the years, TECHVED has earned several accolades for its UI/UX design operations and for several other categories such as trends & most reliable development inthe journey of digital transformation. TECHVED begun with the understanding of transforming data, followed by the competitive conditions, and eventually the agile strategies required to succeed. With several testimonies and awards for improving the digital journey for many leading brands across the globe, TECHVED continues to work hard to introduce services that are ahead of its time. "Instead of interfaces being a part of life, digitalization will become a part and experience of everyday routine where TECHVED would continue to play a beneficial role", adds the CEO. Driven by this zeal to deliver only the best, TECHVED is en route to reaching the zenith via growth, expansion and innovations on a global scale.