Tech9labs: Modernizing DC Services to Improve Your IT Infra Management and Transform Operations

Amit Jain ,   CEO & MD

Amit Jain, CEO & MD

In today’s era of cloud services, there are a plethora of factors driving a data center due to hybrid IT Infrastructure. Amit Jain, the Industry veteran and CEO for Tech9labs explains, “Infrastructure management in a hybrid IT environment can be difficult, having multiple applications and technologies. Management of hybrid IT Infrastructure, technological flexibility, best use of IT assets, provide uninterrupted service, maximizing the efficiency and availability of your applications and get full visibility of your data center infrastructure in near real-time across cloud, on-premise, and the network are key factors in today’s dynamics”. Rightly so, the design formed should be flexible with due thoughtful consideration in areas of multiple technological scenarios, applications hosting, capacity planning, performance factor as well as seamless security platform across hybrid layouts. Ever since their inception in 2011, Tech9labs has been consulting their clients for next generation software-defined datacenters through a strong fundamental approach. This approach enables
Tech9labs to successfully offer a distinguished DC services.

This effort to be the best-in-class IT Solutions provider through its approach of innovative technology play and all-round infrastructure services fetched Tech9 Labs multiple wins across the Government and the Corporate verticals especially manufacturing, pharmaceutical, IT & ITeS to name a few. More so, Tech9labs is building a specialized team for 2019- 20 where in it would focus exclusively on the highly flexible software-defined DC with a committed revenue earning proposition.

"Modernization of DC solutions through service- orientation, secured & hybrid IT roadmap has been a key objective of Tech9labs"

What’s Exceptional?
Modernization of DC solutions through service-orientation, secured & hybrid IT roadmap has been a key objective of Tech9labs in the recent years. Particularly, seamless integration of on-premise and cloud solutions with intact information security are two key flagship offerings by Tech9 Labs. Unlike majority of players in the datacentre segment offering standard solutions, Tech9labs takes a technological advanced approach to ensure that there is no look back while matching up to technological adoption and business contingencies.

The other key USPs that Tech9labs offers is its planned offerings that validates the end-result and rationalizes the technology
enhancement in IT Infrastructure Consolidation, Hybrid Cloud Services, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, and various other Professional Services. Evidently, it has one of the best services to offer with a totally out-of-the box concept marked by strong fundamentals and backed by a professional team which delivers the results.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure has become the baseline for the Enterprise Cloud journey for enterprise customers. This is due to their need to consolidate their IT infrastructure play in order to handle a hybrid IT in-house as well as off-premises solution. Using orchestration-controlled tools and methodology, Tech9labs has spent a great deal of time moderating its services portfolio that has resulted in a KRA based approach for its clients while availing the best possible IT solutions and services.

Tech9labs has grown 30 percent YoY and, as aforementioned, the future projects are gigantic in terms of business revenue equivalent to almost a 100 percent rise in the company’s budgeted number for 2019-20. The revenue growth would be achieved both by induction of new products and related services as well as expansion into new geographical area both within and outside the country. With such careful yet innovative stances in the datacentre solutions, Tech9labs has and will continue to set new records in customer satisfaction and high quality consistent services.