C-DESK: A Rare Combination of Simple Yet Comprehensive IT Solution

Sameer Khadkikar,  Marketing & Sales Head,Bhargav L Pandya, Support & Technical Head

Sameer Khadkikar, Marketing & Sales Head

Bhargav L Pandya, Support & Technical Head

In a complex society as such, we orientate ourselves in many different directions and must relate to hundreds of different possibilities. However, when it comes to IT solutions for our businesses, simple solutions is the key to a healthy business. Though, one might have to compromise on the 'inclusivity' of the solution. Simple solutions might not always address your entire portfolio of problems or be compatible with a lot many industry specific challenges. This adds up to the challenge, which rushes businesses to end up with a solution that is either inefficient or partially addresses the heap of the problem. Any business needs to know which elements of the new infrastructure should be bought, how to combine them with other components to provide efficient and flexible operation, which solutions and standards in terms of safety and security should be applied, and which software tools should be used. This is just a small part of the knowledge that must be possessed by companies in order to keep up with global changes. This is why we have IT services providers. But what good are they if the grieving company’s problems are not addressed in the entirety?

Based out of Mumbai, Chamunda Tech Net Services Private Limited(CTNS)offers a Complete Technical and Networking Solutions all under one roof. Ever since its inception in 2001, CTNS has been offering a whole host of solutions for PC's, network (LAN, WAN, MAN, VPN), servers, securities, surveillance, messaging, video conferencing, instant messaging, voice solutions(VOIP),and application developments, etc.

C-DESK and it Wonders
Particularly, CTNS’ flagship C-DESK is a comprehensive tool for organizations to manage all service requests, not only to the IT department but to any department of any location in the organization. C-DESK is designed to be single application interface for all Help desk requirements for any organization. This coupled with CTNS’ expertise to standardize modules to support different industry verticals, places C-DESK at a vantage point in the curve. C-DESK provides the benefits of raising Service Requests and incidents for all the organizational departments, including IT. C-DESK provides the ability to provide manual or automatic Service Request routing using predefined logic, the tickets are routed assigned resources as per their defined locations. CTNS’ experience coupled with customer led feedback has helped the firm to add multiple useful functions which provide every customer with the unique ability to find relevant information within C-DESK. Therefore, CTNS has now integrated multiple functions which provide customers with visibility. These functions include Email to ticket, SLA management, Asset management, Approval management, Projects & Tasks, Alerts management, Remote administration(to name a few) as part of C-DESK’s baseline offering. These features help every department to realize their abilities, shortcomings and performance related parameters. The management dashboards provide visibility of organizational level information, required to make an informed and data driven decision. Real time insights about all parameters impacting or driving the performance of individuals, departments or geographies empowers middle & lower management to review, change and perform corrective actions to achieve the desired results.

Leaving no Stone Unturned
C-DESK lays the foundation for governance in every department of the organization. Insight into the various functions of every department can be tracked and can be analyzed as business information before deriving intelligence from it. Assets are owned by every department and in totality by the organization. Every department
(Administration, Production, Finance, IT etc.) can have their asset information with requisite tracking parameters which can be pushed to C-DESK. Once assigned, the asset can be tracked right until the end of its lifecycle. In fact Service requests that are received also provides the asset information for which the ticket has been generated. C-DESK also captures a lot of information parameters such as purchase, warranty, contracts, insurance etc. which becomes very useful in a hectic environment to provide actionable alerts.

C-DESK provides organizations with the ability to create multiple boards/ forums which can be closed, semi closed and open

Moreover, a typical organization consists of multiple departments with multilocational setup and would also have or need cross functional communication which is critical to the organization. Management can make multiple Boards/forums to address different goals that are set by the organization and discussion forums can be formed. C-DESK provides organizations with the ability to create multiple

Bhargav L Pandya, Support& Technical Head
Boards/forums which can be closed, semi closed and open. Closed forums contributions can be done only by members of the Board and the contributions can be viewed by the board members only. Semi Closed forum is viewed by defined set of users, but contributions can only be done by authorized members. In an Open forum, contributions can be made and viewed by everyone.

Meeting Security Demands
Many business organizations see outsourcing of IT operations as a threat to their privacy. Nevertheless, outsourcing of IT operations is adopted to provide greater management and control over the IT operations to enable the core team to look ahead towards resolution of issues having greater importance. C-DESK provides all possible options of implementation viz. In Premise, where the environment is provided and controlled by the customer; hosted C-DESK, where the customer is provided a hosted instance which is completely controlled by the customer and runs on SLA. C-DESK is also available on Azure or AWS. More so, C-DESK has all the tenacity required to ensure alerts upon detection of any malicious activity.

One might wonder, a tool with such comprehensive features will struggle to meet every bottleneck associated with the customers at each level. The Support & Technical Head, Bhargav Pandya takes a different approach; he says, Challenges lead to innovation! Each customer is unique in their own way and customers have disparate pain points which keep changing constantly based on industry disruptions, time, scale, economy to name a few. C-DESK is used across industries and verticals across the globe, providing us with insights to their pain points”. He adds that the senior management teams analyse this disparate information and transform them into innovative solutions to be used widely by other industries or verticals. These are then included in the roadmap for C-DESK future releases and help solve for future requirements. Further customization can be done for specific cases by the company administrators or by C-DESK design team.

Mukand Vichar
For instance, Mukand Limited an India based manufacturer of stainless steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel billets, was seeking to have an Internet Portal which would provide a robust communication platform for all its 2000+ employees. C-DESK was ‘rechristened as ‘MUKAND VICHAR’ and has been implemented and successfully running since the last 3 years. MUKAND VICHAR provides multiple functionalities such as Service Request Management, Events & Galleries, Event & Training Calendars, Chat, Notifier, Voucher Management, and other customized modules. The Top Management of Mukand including the CIO has been instrumental in adding modules on a regular basis and further enhancing the functionality which are being used extensively by all the employees of Mukand to keep themselves abreast of the latest news and events in the organization.

“Listen, understand and confirm is a sacrosanct ritual followed before we arrive or propose any solution”, says Sameer Khadkikar who heads the Marketing & Sales. CTNS has a team of highly qualified technical resources and an experienced senior management team that supports its customers throughout the journey (even after implementation!). The firm also has a proactive loop back mechanism through Tech Refresh sessions which suggest new improvisations based on any recent solutions deployed to improvise and exceed customer expectations. Having shown such exemplary feats in adhering to customer expectations, C-DESK team has always ensures to introspect its approach, environmental disruptions, customer feedback,
customer needs and accordingly align resources and solutions for delivery. That being the point, AI Chat Bots are in C-DESK’s road map for the coming fiscal.