TeamCognito Tech: A Team for Change

Sanket Sarkar, Founder & CEO Snehanjan Chatterjee, COO,Santosh Kr Jha, CTO  SwarnaliSingha, CBDO Ankit De, CIO

Mr. Sanket Sarkar

Founder and CEO

With digitization, our work lives, personal lives, and financial transactions have be-gun to incline towards the world of the internet, mobile computing, and electronic media. Unfortunately, this widespread phenomenon is making us more vulnerable to malicious attacks, invasions of data, fraud, and other such threats. With the prevailing scenarios, securing data privacy has become a need of the hour. Realizing the thriving demand and importance, here is TeamCognito to provide the best Cyber Security Solutions with impeccable services and products.

“Threats in the cyber world is advancing quicker than we can keep up with them. It changes faster than our idea of the risk and it's hard to cope. This led to the formation of a passion-ate group of individuals with a mission of "Securing the Digital World". And, with a common goal of bringing secured, responsive, and cutting-edge web applications, machine learning, and cybersecurity solutions we established TeamCognito Tech," says Sanket Sarkar, Founder & CEO.

Established in 2018, it is recognized as an optimized and fastest-growing organization contributing to data security with advanced methodologies such as AI, ML, and others. The young brand with an eye for the future is constantly evolving to provide the best possible solutions. It strives to revolutionize the Technology Industry as the team has deeply understood every aspect of it. "We have highly trained and experienced professionals who are extremely qualified in their respective fields and have very good industry experience. Besides, we do have drills in our company to inculcate out-of-the-box thoughts," he informs. The company aims to make technology affordable and available to every section of society and not
just innovate but empower people through its work. Also, it is taking measures to work towards the security of data in people's lives by implementing AI to it.

Out-of-box Solutions
The brand portfolio includes Security Solutions such as Web Application Security Assessment, Cloud Security, Network Security, System Administration, and many others. The solutions contain a 360-degree viewpoint that is not only performance-optimized but also cost-optimized. It also caters to the unique application of ML in cybersecurity. The flagship offerings include VA/PT, Chatbot, Speech Recognition, ISO 27001 auditing, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI- DSS compliance auditing, and implementation, MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) & SOC-as-a-Service. "Our SOC-as-a-Service is ML integrated home-grown solution that eases the SOC related work and is one of our flagship products called `Sayonara' - An end-to-end solution which will allow organizations to cut down their cybersecurity costs by 40 percent," remarks Sanket.

Teamcognitoa Team For Change

A Strong Bond with the Clients
The Kolkata-based company doesn't jump off to a solution when a client comes up with a problem. It diagnoses the issue and finds the root cause of it. While developing any application for users, it abides by the industry standards. "Apart from this, we also test the things from a hacker point of view so that it can be made more secure," he adds.

TeamCognito Tech's solutions contain a 360 degree viewpoint that is not only performance-optimized but also cost-optimized

Since its inception, TeamCognito has worked with known brands such as Shyam Steel, Shyam Future Tech, MiiCare, RICE, Timber, Exchange, Waywin Technologies, Amani Systems, CareBaseOne, and others. “You choose us you can count on us because we are never satisfied with our-selves. We are a leading application security company with a full range of services around application threat modeling, security assessments, secure code review, training on secure coding, and implementing an application security strategy for organizations,” he concludes.