TCG HAMILTON: Catalyzing Credentialing Worldwide

  Rajiv Gupta,   President & Group CEO

Rajiv Gupta

President & Group CEO

Considered the epicenter of the international BPM industry, India is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a global economic superpower.The girth and mirth of India's market and marketplaces; its demographic advantage; its scale - which is just next to China's;its culture of entrepreneurship; and its leadership in information technology - these, together have set India up for joining the list of world's 20 richest countries by 2050 according to a latest World Bank report. The Indian BPM industry has stayed globally competitive owing to its amazing ability to fathom future, change of strategies, reengineer business models, and adopt revolutionary new ways to manage industry value chain. Indian BPM players have converted outsourcing into a solidly organized transnational business vertical, even as they themselves go shopping for BPM companies around the world to expand their footprint, and grab early-mover advantages in markets where BPM is nascent.

While outsourcing has given a new way to organizations to manage their cost-competitive and focus on their core-competence, outsourcing has also added a lot of sanity and rationale to the way industries can add more value to the economies of nations. While practically all business verticals are beneficiaries of the BPM phenomena, the organizations engaged in services like accreditation, certification and ranking - the credentialing bodies - these did not benefit from the BPM revolution, as BPM providers always found it very expensive to target this severely quality conscious segment. Like companies in other verticals, credentialing organizations too,need support in marketing product development and network expansion to improve their spread
and promotion. That's precisely the hole on the outsourcing map, which TCG Hamilton is trying to plug through the largest ever such initiative.

“With four specialized arms which include knowledge marketing logistics & delivery and customer interaction the india hubbed business offered cost–effective BPM and KPM service for credentialing industry.”

Extending across 175+ countries, the Gurgaon-based entity is the world's first and the largest credentialing business conglomerate that designs, incubates, grows and commissions credentialing agencies and systems. Though its formal avatar was established in the year 2012, the true foundation of TCG Hamilton was laid long back in 2007 when a group of promoters came together in a bid to cover the emerging professions and verticals which lacked the limelight of credible certification solutions. "Today, we not only offer the widest portfolio of certification products and credentialing solutions, we have also emerged as the world's single largest - and the only - provider of business and knowledge support services," proclaims a proud Rajiv Gupta, President & Group CEO, TCG Hamilton.

The Success Mantra

With four specialized arms, which include knowledge, marketing, logistics & delivery, and customer interaction, the India-hubbed Business Services unit of the company offers cost-effective BPM and KPM services for credentialing industry. Claimed to be the proprietor of world's very first digital credentialing services delivery channel, the unit is powered by unified digital platform for online applications for audits, examinations, partner management and product development through which it has been effectively managing 30 of the world's most prestigious international certifications for professionals and enterprises. "In fact, we even directly custom
design credentialing systems and large-scale workforce certification solutions for the clients of certification bodies," adds Rajiv. Working in tandem with leaders like Pearson, the company has been a line-up of the finest credentials for service delivery and talent management excellence companies, and an exclusive global destination for some of the certifications in the advanced business genres.

Owing to its internal competencies, robust, cost-effective and streamlined mechanism, TCG Hamilton today counts World Bank, ICS Academy - Nigeria, PEGN - Mexico, ICT Authority - Kenya, and such other leading international bodies as its esteemed clients. The rising glory has also reaped multiple recognitions like Award for Excellence (2014) and the company is one amongst the BRICS100 Fastest Growing companies (2014).

According to Rajiv, the employees are the real success partners who love to impart their own brand of proven industrial expertise, business and market intelligence, entrepreneurial excellence, and exceptional talent.The 100 percent white-collar workplace which beholds culturally diverse knowledge-workforce encourages every employee to work out-of-the-box, design their own roles and then break them even sooner. "Stay updated to stay ahead - it's not mere a slogan, but a way of life at TCG Hamilton.To achieve that, we schedule periodic in-house training sessions, mentor-mentee programs, buddy systems and regular workshops," adds Rajiv.

Aiming to push its online credentialing platform to embrace more than 10 million professionals footed across 7,000 global locations by 2020, TCG Hamilton envisions expanding its digital technology infrastructure, worldwide network of partners and associates and network of international certification bodies in niche industry verticals. The entity also wishes to be the world's strongest credentialing services company with well-defended frontiers to spread its legacy and sustainable competitiveness.