Tango IT : Converting CCTV Video Data to Retail Analytics

 Surender Gounder ,   CEOThe retail industry has experienced a transformation over the last decade. As consumers spent more dollars shopping over the internet, traditional brick and mortar stores had to re-evaluate their strategies and direct their focus on customer experience, store operations, and improved efficiencies in addition to loss prevention. Traditionally, retailers have used CCTV and video surveillance primarily for physical security and loss prevention. Now, with the availability of high-powered computing platforms and advanced analytic algorithms CCTV and video surveillance help retailers make informed decisions that provide a competitive edge.

Based out of Chennai, Tango IT is an AI based retail analytics company that has built an application, Tango EYE that turns store CCTV footage into intelligence for efficient store management, increased store sales conversion, and loss prevention. Tango Eye has developed a seamlessly working
Retail Analytics application wherein, a tool is availed for intelligent analysis, helping the retailers/ store owners understand consumers, identify their preferences, and accompany them profitably along the entire customer journey.

Tango Eye’s primary advantage is that it works with existing surveillance cameras and does not depend on any special camera

Focusing on the Instore analytics, Tango Eye is able to convert surveillance footage into key analytics that will help store managers increase in-store sales and other metrics that help monitor and improve store’s operational efficiency. Tango Eye’s primary advantage is that it works with existing surveillance cameras and does not depend on any special camera. With their application and edge hardware, stores owners and retailers gain the visibility into behavior in physical stores. One can track customers, monitor and analyze people traffic inside the store and at the doorstep. This powerful application delivers anonymized data that indicates precisely how shoppers behave and move. Tango Eye Retail Analytics enables tracking and evaluating the buying decisions and potential barriers, and
accordingly provide the best business intelligence to increase the stores sales and productivity. The product is designed and developed to include the important business KPIs as features. However, for clients requesting customization, Tango Eye ensures to understand clients’ requirements and customize accordingly.

Tango has designed and developed a plethora of AI and Computer Vision modules that will continue to be updated to Tango Eye SaaS offering. The company is currently deploying Tango Eye at a few marque stores in high end shopping malls in Chennai. Tango is also involved in a CSR initiative where they are working with the Railway Police department to help detect criminals at Chennai railway stations with the use of face recognition. With such exceptional developmental innovations up their sleeves, Tango Eye is stepping up to become a promising name in the AI domain.

Tango Eye’s Analytics Modules:
•Customer Intelligence- Provides the store owners with intelligence on the footfall for increased sales conversion
•Store Manager- Helps store owners manage their instore workforce for to ensure high operational efficiency.
•Security Monitoring- Tango Eye maintains a list of suspicious personal and known offenders to alert store operators on potential shoplifters.