SysTools Software: Cyber Forensic Products 'Made-in-India'

Anuraag Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

Anuraag Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

India is accustomed to foreign made digital forensic products for years to deal with every confidential case. But today, with cyber criminals across the globe breaching into government systems more than ever before, it has been an undeniable need to have cyber forensic products that are made in India. Anuraag Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd, proclaims it loud and clear, “We are the only digital forensic product engineering company from India”. While shining as a product engineering company that is home-made, SysTools helps law enforcement in our country in both the directions, be it setting up cyber labs or training professionals according to the needs. “It’s all about using the fitting hardware & software case-to-case, and we help them in adopting the right tool and extract insights from their data,” adds Anuraag.

Delivering Benchmarks

The clever move to invest heavily on its research team to comprehend the instantaneous trends and anatomy of in depth data has given the company an
upper hand over its peers. Leveraging its decade of data recovery experience, this unmatch able team recovers data from scratch, whether it is e-mail or mobile database, SQLite, or password data recovery. SysTools’ MailXaminer, a tool that can scrutinize up to 20+ e-mail formats is one such unique specimen bridges the gap in e-mail industry and remains as a benchmark for professionals and users across the globe, besides assisting law enforcement in 90 percent of the cases that involve e-mail as an evidence; no wonder CBI of India appreciated the product in first hand. Currently in India, the organization is closely working with prestigious clientele ranging from CBI Cyber Cell to Noida & Delhi Police Cyber Cells and Delhi Police Training School (completed training of 208 women cops).

The clever move to invest heavily on its research team to comprehend the instantaneous trends and anatomy of in depth data has given the company an upper hand over its peers

Apart from basic data recovery solutions, SysTools’ data recovery software allows recovery of data from virtual discs, even if your data is encrypted with a password. Furthermore, the company has been one of the earliest innovators of SQLite database forensic
products(Mobile based) which can even help you recover your corrupted WhatsApp database, every thing within the regulatory perimeters, while strictly maintaining a Chain of Custody (CoC) to produce in front of law on the methods used to acquire and process data. “We maintain integrity across all the processes such as review, scanning and reporting,” asserts Anuraag.

A Decade of Innovations

SysTools came into existence in 2007 when the industry was not meant for fresher; but gripping on its research team, the company came up with frequent revamps and augmented intelligence in its products which have been the breathing element of cyber forensic industry. Currently, the company is pumping its resources in decrypting the ransomware that makes data behave unusual, and it has already carved decryption tools for few of them in different file formats. SysTools provides free viewers available on its website to help clients view their data without installing any third party application.

Now covered most of the market, the company looks to reinvent the wheel with new solutions in new areas to see the growth going beyond the current 30 percent. The company looks forward to become a digital forensic training company starting with law enforcement. “We believe that this is not meant just for law enforcement, hence we want this awareness to grow from the grassroot level (school),” concludes Anuraag.