Swedium Global Services: Bringing New Projects & Concepts to Life Under One Roof

Jaswinder Singh,Director Engineering

Jaswinder Singh

Director Engineering

In 2020, the revenue from the sale of semiconductors in Europe reached $37.52 billion, with forecasts projecting it will rise to $45.45 by the end of 2021. Swedium Global enjoys a good share of the global market. Swedium Global is a Europe-centric Semiconductor and Embedded Design Services company. The company's service portfolio includes ASIC/FPGA Design, Verification & Validation, Physical Design & Embedded System designs, & software development for European Tier-1 Telecom, Automotive, and Industrial customer. Swedium Global mainly focuses on European customers who come-up with challenges primarily related to skills, time & delivery, and culture. Therefore, these services focus on building a full-scale service delivery model with a good mix of a pool of highly skilled Indian engineers backbone.

Swedium Global was established on 27th March 2014 in Stockholm. The company today has 80+ engineering teams with offices in Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki), Poland (Warsaw), India (Bangalore & Delhi) in its armory with a skilled workforce that is capable of handling problems in IT across a host of industries. Their vision is to provide global services across sectors in a fair and trusted manner and build a relationship with all stakeholders while growing. The company leverages over 20+ years of extensive expertise in Semiconductor and Embedded Systems in Sweden and the Indian market.
“Understanding European business and culture helps us as a forward thinking organization to rampup our engineering talent instantly. This blend of Swedish and Indian business values of trust, transparency, quality, adjust ability, and agility makes Swedium Global unique and different from our competitors", says Jaswinder Singh, Director Engineering, Swedium Global Services.

The technology viewpoint is developing rapidly, and the need for niche skills is very high, and preparing the right skill on time is the most significant challenge. It is pretty difficult and expensive to find the local talent to scale-up the project. Consequently, Swedium Global offers its customer an Indian talent pool of highly skilled engineers and a flexible onsite, near shore, and offshore delivery model. Understanding European business culture, quality expectation, local project coordination, and proximity assists customers in making sure their project runs on time and scales up quickly.

Understanding European business and culture helps us as a forward thinking organization to ramp up our engineering talent instantly

Short Term Goals Lead to Long Term Success
Swedium Global takes pride in developing meaningful relationships and achieves success from proven leadership and a commitment to turn partnerships into enduring success stories. Swedium Global has been associated with 5G-related ASIC and FPGA projects with tier-I clients in Europe and has many running project commitments. The firm has successfully enlisted 20+ engineering teams in one month to scale-up the customer project onsite. Swedium Global has also served Swedish customers to upgrade legacy embedded systems to new technology solutions for offshore project engagement. It has set up a 14/16nm Physical design team in Poland for a customer project. The organization believes in happy-Employee share, which gives a positive work-life balance and has come forward with many policies in Covid times - WFH setup fund, Covid Kavach (extra insurance for family), WFH to all employees till mid-2022.

Sharing insights on Swedium Global's current strategies and growth, the Director of Engineering, Jaswinder Singh, says "Swedium Global is developing and planning to add more strength to the engineering services. This year, the firm has started operations in the US and will expand to 100+ engineers by 2022 to assist the US customer project”. To serve customers effectively, they also plan to expand business to more locations next year in Europe, i.e., Germany, UK and Ireland.