Swamy Tech: Creating Accurate 3D Print Protypes with its Expert Designing & Manufacturing Capabilities

Abhay Swamy ,Managing Directors

Abhay Swamy, Managing Director

Today 3D printing is helping sectors push their boundaries and create further innovations that were otherwise unfathomable some time back. One such of-the-age 3D printing expert, which is bridging the gap between an idea & a prototype, is Bangalore-based Swamy TechnoSystems Private Limited (Swamy Tech) that empowers companies in healthcare, automation, manufacturing and many other sectors build products that can catapult their innovation light years ahead.

For instance, the organization once helped Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Hospital restructure a serious wound inflicted face of a patient with minimal or no risks, all in a week, propelling the medical advancement at the hospital to a completely new level. Evidently, Swamy Tech, with its innate expertise in 3D printing, scanning, testing and custom design is changing the facet of many industries. “We educate our clients about the entire process and assist them in converting their ideas to 3D designs and finally 3D print
prototypeswith a price friendly approach,” states Abhay Swamy, Managing Director, Swamy Tech.

"We take care of the technology behind the projects as well and are trying to become an end-to-end product development company"

Customization – A Forte
The company offers an end-to-end provision, right from helping clients bring ideas to the tables, to designing them and creating the prototypes. However, what truly differentiates Swamy Tech is its in-house manufacturing capability that can build printing machines of various dimensions and create highly customized prototypes, something as niche as 1mtr x 1mtr x 1mtr. Swamy Tech is one of the very few players in the industry that builds machines to suit the prototype, instead of the other way around.

Its in-house designers, depending upon the volume of the prototype requirement, design material specific machines. Such an approach pushes boundaries for innovation and simultaneously reduces the amount of time & resource investment while bringing in quality & accuracy. “We can manufacture a 3D printer that can print the same dimension in less than two weeks and deliver the parts in next 10 days,” adds Abhay.

Swamy Tech has its various 3d printing technologies comprising of SLS, PolyJet, FDM, and DMLS that helps create high precision industry grade prototypes. In addition to the initial design and (if
required) 3D printing, the team also does 3D scanning, where its reverse engineering capabilities helps clients understand how the parts were manufactured and how this information can help them in their agenda. In fact, it designs its own circuit boards in-house to ensure precision and efficacy of the resulting product. “We take care of the technology behind the projects as well and are trying to become an end-to-end product development company,” states Abhay.

Breaking the Barriers
Serving to several high-end organizations like Mercedes Benz & Cognizant, unsurprisingly Swamy Tech maintains utmost data security in the form of an NDA clause and a policy that enforces it to destroy any relevant data after 30 days of the project completion. Today, Abhay and his team are spreading the marvel of 3D printing across India through college workshops and internship programs where they are taught about the basic nuances about the industry and encouraged to explore technology further.

Swamy Tech is currently busy creating new technologies and has also applied for a patent where the 3d printing machines will be able to print metal without any cost surge or resource input. Having successfully accomplished more than 500 projects over the past 30 months, the team is touching a revenue growth of Rs.50 lakh and to support its innovation & growth is looking to raise funds and establish new technology by 2020.