STT GDC India: Meeting the Most Stringent SLAs in Data Center Requisites

Sumit Mukhija,  CEO

Sumit Mukhija, CEO

In Data centers, a lot of internal m parameters are accountable for a business’ functioning. The present IT workload will need more than just a data center provider. Upon mentioning Data Center, one might imagine servers, storage, network and millions of bytes of data. Seldom the discussion is about what holds the data together and keeps the light up and running. STT Global Data Centres India (STT GDC India) is one of India’s leading data center operators, trusted with the mission- critical architectures of some of the top companies offering cloud, social media, OTT and financial services. With over 33 percent revenue market share, the company manages the largest Pan-India datacentre floor area and IT load delivering more than 85 MW of IT load via 15 carrier neutral facilities.

With carrier-dense interconnections across eight key cities, STT GDC India is renowned for its adherence to best standards, rated power rack options, and
global standards on security and compliance. The company has always been strategic in growth by looking ahead to cities with the potential to deliver the greatest value. Doing so has helped it establish unparalleled regional footprint enabling it to deliver comprehensive solutions when and where customers need them. As part of its growth plan in the next 3-4 years the company will offer more than 200MW IT load.

"Globally, the STT GDC group has built an integrated datacentre platform in key economic hubs across developed and emerging markets'

Globally, the STT GDC group has built an integrated datacentre platform in key economic hubs across developed and emerging markets. Through STT GDC’s platform of 80 datacentres across China, India, Singapore, Thailand and the UK, the company’s global platform offers extensive global geographic reach, which is married with deep sector expertise, enabling customers to rapidly deploy a scalable, global footprint while maintaining STT GDC’s premium standards of performance, reliability, security and network choice.

STT GDC group has also established a Centre of Operational Excellence department to ensure knowledge-sharing of the industry’s key growth drivers and challenges, allowing STT GDC to identify key global trends to ensure
that it stays one step ahead of the competition. STT GDC’s customers benefit from their enhanced capabilities as the company leverages global best practices and expand innovation across the markets to serve customers better. As the pioneer of offering global quality datacentre services as well as solving infrastructural challenges, STT GDC is the preferred datacentre service provider by global customers.

One of the issues leading to higher TCO for customers is lack of predictability of space requirements. This often means that companies buy more capacity than what they need. To enable customers to optimize space and costs, STT GDC India provides customized upward & downward scalability options. Further choice of selecting SKUs, options of time and volume commitment along with consumption based model gives an added advantage to manage the IT infrastructure costs from a customer perspective. By taking a take a modular approach for datacentre design and build that allows for capacity to be implemented to meet today’s business demands but readily extended in the future as those demands grow. This allows the company to keep the per unit Capex low as they pay only for the functionality they require in the short term while also being able to expand as required and can pass on cost benefits to its customers.