Starya: Offering High Performance Electric Conversion Technology at Pocket-friendly Rates

Ravikumar Jagannath,CEOAcceleration, speed and mileage are the three most important parameters consumers look for when buying an electric vehicle. However, it would cost around 1-1.5 lakhs to integrate high performing electric technology in one's two wheelers in the present scenario. The cost is reasonable for well developed countries, but for a developing country like India, where the majority of the population belongs to the middle class or the lower income group, it becomes difficult to afford such upgrades. Moreover, In India, most of the two wheel manufacturers are importing their electric power trains. Ultimately, it is the electric power train that gives one the difference in performance.

Gazing at such a huge market cap, Ravikumar Jagannath and four other co-founders having decades of expertise in working with technology, marketing, designing and developing mobility solutions, established Starya in 2018. The company came up with its homemade, state of the art, electric power train and plug & play electric propulsion kit that converts IC Engine two wheelers into electric at costs less than half the usual IC Engine conversion rate.

Apart from a few assembly components, everything else is designed by the core team at Starya. The company offers a complete end-to-end solution when it comes to designing, manufacturing & quality testing the products before ultimately distributing it to the various networks. At affordable prices as low as 35k, Starya converts two wheelers into electric without incurring an inch of change in performance in terms of acceleration, speed & mileage. Most
importantly, after the conversion, the running costs of the vehicles are cut short to one third of regular engines, which at the end of the day, delivers a positive impact on the environment.

Having a patented propulsion technology is trying to reinvent the wheel itself. And, as far as the technology is concerned, Starya propulsion kits come with a six kilowatt PMSM motor with 250 AMP, which from a vehicle point of view can give a top speed of 75 Km per hour, at an acceleration rate of 3.7 seconds. The mileage per charge can go up to 75km. Apart from these features, Starya users do not have to worry about the battery pack becoming dead, as the company reloads the battery packs on a subscription basis. Starya subscription model starts at costs as low as 75 paise per km. The company understands the plight of the common man and strives to match performance with pocket friend liness. Being affordable opens the doors for many people to buy it. This way, Starya is creating a positive impact on the environment by helping in reducing the impact of harmful fossil fuels.

At affordable prices as low as 35k, Starya converts two-wheelers into electric without incurring an inch of change in performance in terms of acceleration, speed & mileage

Assisting Indians Upgrade towards an Eco friendly Future
Along with the developments mentioned above, Starya is also working on opening conversion centers in all the major metro cities across India. The first upgradation is going to be on the swappable networks. The company is robustly building up tie-ups with all the major conversion points and conversion centers all over India. With gradually increasing conversion centers, Starya intends to extend over to swapping stations organically built around the cities where the company has a presence. Recently, Starya secured a Series-A funding from Ah and Eagle Ventures, with an additional Series-A funding of $10 million on the process of acquisition for expansion purposes.

That's not all. Starya is, at the moment, working on a patented motor technology, which can give better performance while reducing the overall costs. There are a few types of motors the team of experts at Starya are dabbling with right now, with the objective of delivering cutting edge electric vehicle technology to the end users at budget friendly rates.

Lately, the Government of India has been proactive when it comes to offering considerable subsidies to electric vehicle manufacturers. Sadly, retrofit products are yet to be subsidized. Should the Government of India start giving subsidies to retrofit parts, then in that case, Starya's electric conversions will be even cheaper, at rates as low as 25k.