Spread Design and Innovation: Formulating Design Strategies for Various Touch Points

Sonia Manchanda ,  Founder

There is a rise in demand for a more connected user experience design with an added human element. By enhancing customer experience and increasing consumer engagement,enterprises and organisations are empowered to achieve goals faster, with a clear vision and mission critical strategy to grow as well as scale in quick time. Spread Design and Innovation was established in 2015 with a purpose of manifesting design in a new way of thinking and making it entirely virtual.

The digital studio of Spread provides interaction, experience and tech design solutions. The set of services the company provides include, Product Strategy, User Research, Usability & Architecture, Interaction Design, Motion & Animations through UI interactions, micrographics/micro interactions, and on boarding videos, UX copy writing, Rapid Prototyping using Sketch, In Vision and XD. As a design catalyst, Spread works with a design, build and spread model, by upping the ante to shape disruptive ideas for governments, the public, and the private sector across geographies.

The company encourages immersing, understanding and creating new opportunities for fresh design strategies. Radical communication methods, roadmaps, campaigns to spread a powerful idea among diverse stakeholders and create a movement, are also included under the umbrella of
services Spread formulates. Spread works along 7 sense parameters to make the organization's strategies and design foundation unshakeable. It begins with human sense that understands aspirations and creates opportunity, then technological sense which make humans more human, cognitive sense that uses data intelligently and develop intuition, aesthetic sense for nourishing the soul with art, beauty, simplicity, and truth, economic sense to make society far richer, natural sense that harness, renew, replenish and nurture natural resources for future generations, and evolutionary sense for a higher state of humanism. "Using the design sense deeply coded in our DNA helps the company bring design to ground zero. Spread deploys design strategy, demonstrates the inclusivity of design and applies it holistically to organizations across various touch points", explains Sonia Manchanda, Founder, Spread Design and Innovation.

Spread works along 7 sense parameters to make the organization's strategies and design foundation unshakeable

Spread has worked with brands such as Manipal Groups, Oasis International School, TVS Capital and CtrlS amongst many others. Having studios that provide solutions along the verticals of Design Sense, Strategy, Immersive Experiences, Digital Interaction, Tech Design, and Spatial Experiences the company also deliver Branding and Communication as well as design driven learning. Spread grew from zero to USD 2 million by clocking a 75 percent year-on-year growth in three years. Recently, the company has launched a 15,000 square foot Design Barn for training, learning, and community outreach for evangelising design and to co-create a pipeline for the design practice. The company has extensively contributed for development projects under National and State Governments such as Ministry of Road Transport/ Highways, Agriculture Ministry, Rural Development Ministry, and ITBT Ministry. It has also earned considerable reputation for being design partners of large scale national/international events such as Commonwealth Games, International Logistics Summit, Bangalore Forward, Bangalore IT Biz, and Pravasiya Bharathiya Divas. Spread has engaged in design thinking/training projects for companies like Honeywell, Daimler Benz, Hexaware, Accenture, YPO, Manipal Education, and Medical Group, as well as designed training & education content for various educational institutions.