Spotrack: Offering Comprehensive Technology-Driven Asset Management Solution

Ankkit Kumar Sogani ,Founder & CEOThe global GPS tracking device market is estimated to be worth $6,378 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 12.6 percent over the forecast period (2022–2030). The global GPS tracking gadget business is booming and for all the right reasons. The integration of real-time monitoring and fuel management in cars, as well as safety and security concerns within transportation services, are significant factors driving the growth of the global vehicle tracking systems market. The increasing usage of intelligent transportation systems, the introduction of 5G into vehicle connections, and the expanding acceptance of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) are expected to present attractive potential possibilities for the industry.

Spotrack is a revolutionary asset-tracking technology that strengthens the whole construction industry. To address the industry's common asset tracking difficulties, the company has devised solutions that streamline the entire asset digitalization channel. Spotrack is ready to strike while the iron is hot and seize all available opportunities to thrive in the market. Some of the company’s tracking solutions include Capacitive Fuel Sensors, Roll Side Protection Sensors, Wired GPS Devices, OBD Devices, Automatized Fuel Dispenser, and more. Furthermore, Spotrack is one of the few providers that provides a complete digital asset monitoring solution, in-house development of IoT gear, and inexpensive asset digitalization.

A Future-Ready Organization
“We have a tech-enabled automated system ready to reinforce construction asset digitization. Spotrack not only brings asset digitization to the forefront but also addresses some of the most pressing issues in the construction industry. For example, we use tracking hardware to control pilferage damage and enhance operator savings. We have a competitive advantage over important players who are already established in the market because we have a 100 percent happy clientele", says Ankkit Kumar Sogani, Founder & CEO at Spotrack.

“We are proud of our asset monitoring systems, which have helped the construction industry bring transparency to asset digitization through smart alerts and reporting. So far, we have served 8500 devices as a cloud-based application powered by machine learning and Big Data to deliver a seamless experience, positioning us as a market leader", he adds.

Spotrack's objective is to unify the whole construction industry and provide complete software and hardware solutions on a single platform, as well as to emerge as a single name synonymous with huge construction industry tycoons. In terms of the company's ambition, it intends to expand on a global vertical by delivering 50,000+ vehicles for hire & 100,000+ digital assets with Suugam by 2027, as well as focus on increasing the brand value and obtaining an IPO listing within the next five years. Sportrack specializes in automated systems for remote tracking and monitoring, using pressure, liquid and fuel level sensors, ultrasonic level meters, radar level meters, and wireless measuring.

This is backed by the company's team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to offering great solution services that satisfy the needs of a wide range of users. Solutions for GPS-based monitoring, car security applications, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, and school bus tracking are all under the management of web application software that gives fast information and better direction as the inspection system is continually improved.
At Spotrack, the customers are valued to be first and stick to the promise of providing excellence in services, wherein, it cooperates with customers to make the ‘future better together'.

Spearheading The Company’s Growth.
Spotrack's key leadership team includes Ankkit Kumar Sogani, Founder & CEO, Ravi Yadav, Co Founder & COO, and Ankita Sogani, Co-Founder & CRM Head. While the company's founders and department heads have laid a solid foundation, the IT team has bolstered the operations by developing cutting-edge tracking systems. With over 12 years of industry experience, Ankkit has aided Spotrack's early growth and ongoing advancements. Ankkit holds an MBA with a marketing specialization.

He has been passionate about his goals since the beginning of his career, which lead him to an IoT-based startup. He was able to study the loop holes in the industry and their details inside and out in two years. He was always eager to learn new things, so he quit his job and founded Soubhagya Enterprises, which became an essential component of his career. Ankkit is a well informed individual, and with all of his studies and understanding of technology, he was very keen to improving businesses by utilizing real-time data and bringing in quality.

He found a solution to bridge the gap, and Spotrack enlisted the help of another experienced individual, who has now been connected to it for the past seven years, monitoring the route from 2-20,000 devices. Every device installed is a success for him, and he has united his objective with Spotrack's, which is to become the sole known leader in the construction market.

“We have created a digital platform for the construction sector called SUUGAM, which stands for a 360- degree solution for hiring and managing construction assets. With our cuttingedge products and solutions, we hope to establish SUUGAM as a 360-degree solution provider for the Construction & Infrastructure business. We promise to make employing and managing construction assets easier than ever before, as well as to introduce a holistic and automated approach to construction sector organisation", highlights Ankkit.

Ankita Sogani, Co-Founder & CRM Head
Spotrack’s elite clients include Larsen and Toubro Constructions and its Group companies (B&F, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Power and Transmission, Water and Efflucents, MMIC, Heavy Civil Constructions, Transportation and Infrastructure units), TATA Projects, Sanghvi Movers, KEC International, Leeboy, Railway DFCC and many more . The company has been successfully helping clients in saving time and expenditure by offering them a one-stop solution for everything from hiring machinery to keeping track of the assets, giving control over all the processes, eventually optimizing their resources, and providing tech-enforced automated solutions to make asset digitalisation sound as easy as pie.

Ravi Yadav, Co-Founder & COO
“We bring the much required boom to revolutionize asset digitization in the construction industry. We can propel our business in the country with the correct fuel and thrust, capitalizing on potential asset tracking concerns in the construction industry. In terms of numbers, we have maintained an aim of expanding on a global vertical by delivering 50,000+ vehicles for hire and 100,000+ digital assets with Suugam by 2027, while focusing on increasing the brand value and obtaining an IPO listing within the next five years", concludes Ankkit.

We can propel our business in the country with adequate tech-thrust, capitalizing on potential asset-tracking concerns in the construction industry

Going forward, the company’s plans to set up a robust sales team in all four zones of the country that will help in channeling its products and services and simultaneously catering to clients' diverse requirements at the earliest. Also, strengthening its tech team is also one of the crucial objectives, and enhancing our IoT solutions and leaving no stones unturned to bring the best innovation for asset tracking.

Ankkit brings 12+ years of experience in the industry with specialization in marketing. Ankit is a person of knowledge, and with all his research and understanding over technology, he was quite interested in improvising businesses using real-time data, bringing in quality.