Sifars: Helping Clients Expand their Reach through Innovative Web Applications

Angular and React JS both of these frameworks drew out a revolution in the web development industry as applications became smoother, the need to reload the browser was taken care of, and most importantly the user felt at home due to easier navigation. Sifars is a worldwide recognized Web application and mobile application development company that incorporated Angular and React JS since the beginning of the company's establishment. Leveraging the best out of the JavaScript frameworks the Sifars team has developed a wide array of web and mobile applications to date. Based out of the city of Patiala in Punjab, Sifars's niche expertise lies in Web application development. Sifars help their clients by building progressive web applications that are cross-platform apps that can be connected to other electronic devices like Smartphones. Apart from these Sifars offers web services and are also involved in developing browser extensions.

Offering high-end business solutions to all kinds of Businesses
With a very innovative and process-oriented team, Sifars has built many web applications that need an appraisal. Recently, around 2 to 3 years ago when the Indian government launched its GST billing regulations, a lot of local vendors were worried because they didn't know how to generate GST compounding. Sifars saw this pain-point in the Indian market and converted it into a digital application named CatsBill. CatsBill is an in-house web application developed by the Sifars team that generates GST compliant bills enabling the users to maintain their inventories in it. CatsBill made it possible for small and medium local vendors to generate their GST compliant bills with ease.

Munish Kumar, the Co-founder of Sifars said in relation to their clients- "We feel proud adding value to customer requirements.
Being honest is the hardest thing to do in today's world. Our mantra is to keep the clients informed all the time".
Munish Kumar,Co-founder
Team Sifars

Similar to the creation of CatsBill in another instance, there was a client from Amsterdam that wanted a bot or a tool that could build up their Instagram followers. The client did not want to handle their Instagram account all the time, and they wanted a tool that could do the job for them. This led to the creation of InstaBot ­ an application that frees up the users by handling their entire Instagram engagements automatically without the user's interference. The tool after taking all the Instagram ac-counts provided by the clients configures automatically and interacts with human beings.

CatsBill is an in-house web application developed by the Sifars team that generates GST compliant bills enabling the users to maintain their inventories in it

The Forthcoming Plans Ahead
Since Sifars is very process-oriented in nature, for the future the company plans to concentrate on research, along with playing a significant part in India's digital trans-formation journey. Towards, that end Sifars had already taken their first steps by giving free GST applications. For the coming times ahead, Sifars has plans to release a few more apps that can help vendors to let them know which products are selling more in the market and which products are not. Apart from these, Sifars has started to incorporate new technologies such as Blockchains and ML. Therefore, Sifars plans to heavily invest in these new technologies.