Shavo Group: Bringing More than Six Decades of Expertise to Provide the Best Value Proposition to the Customers

Rushil Shah,Managing Director

Rushil Shah

Managing Director

The semiconductor industry is one of the maximal and fastest flourishing industries in the world and India. The semiconductor industry has been a pioneer in digitization since its inception, offering digital services and pursuing new digital business models. Given today’s rapid technological innovation, the semiconductor industry can look forward to growth. Significantly, Shavo Group is a premier Semiconductor services and solutions provider founded in 1960 by H.K. Shah, who was widely recognized in India as the pioneer in industrial pneumatics and aerosol lubrication. With deep technical and application know how supported with world leading partners whose equipment it distributes in India, Shavo Group has been engaged in semiconductor gas delivery systems in India for many years and has rich expertise in this domain. “We power the organization’s innovation by engineering and delivering application-specific, high & ultra-high purity gas delivery, distribution equipment, along with full start-up commissioning & support for our equipment, services and solutions,” signifies Rushil Shah, Managing Director, Shavo Group.

Shavo is a one-stop shop for the gas delivery equipment needs of the customers, providing a comprehensive range of solutions from Bulk Gas Supply, Gas Cabinets, Valve manifold boxes, Valve manifold panels, Point use regulators, Purifiers, Fittings, valves, and many more. The combination of a world-class product offering and Shavo's technical
knowledge in engineering, selecting and applying the products is what gives the firm a competitive edge over the others. Further, it has strengthened this by investing in an assembly and testing facility, allowing Shavo to offer custom bespoke solutions to its customers assembled and integrated domestically. Besides, the semiconductor process involves some extremely hazardous and difficult to handle gases, and this is where Shavo steps-in with its expertise. It understands what equipment and solutions are needed to safely handle these media, ensuring optimum production to the customer.

The combination of a world-class product offering and Shavo's technical knowledge in engineering, selecting and applying the products is what gives the firm a competitive edge over the others

Currently,the firm has 43 people with 14 Field Sales, six in Engineering, and five in Systems/Service. In each vertical, the firm has dedicated Product Managers & Champions and each group is headed by a senior and experienced Manager. The Internationally trained and experienced business unit managers supported by the regional sales team and comprehensive back-office ensure a high level of customer support, installation and service. Moreover, the primary objective of the firm is to be a single source for all gas delivery equipment requirements for this industry. With this objective, Shavo works with globally leading companies of repute across the spectrum of equipment which include Applied Energy Systems, Tescom, Hamlet, Horiba, ARM, and Gasflo, to name a few. Hence, the product innovation is driven by these companies who essentially set the standard for the industry.

Over the years, Shavo Group has grown multifold, and by virtue of its standardized quality, the firm is catering to some of the best companies in India which include Tata Solar, Semiconductor Complex Limited, Sterlite optical Technologies, Bosch, and Reliance Industries, among others. Further, as it progresses ahead, Shavo is committed to bringing more cutting-edge solutions to this industry. The firm lays its emphasis on safety and automation, and continues to strengthen its local installation and support team so that it can provide end-to-end solutions for its customers. Also, Shavo will continue to invest heavily in its local bespoke solution building capability which will be in line with `Make In India' initiative and bring-down the overall cost of ownership for its customers. This segment will also soon become a dedicated vertical within Shavo Group, allowing the firm to penetrate deeper and wider into this market, since the centres of ultra-high purity activity are continuously growing.