ServerBasket: Wide Range of Hosting Plans Under a Single Roof

Amarender Dontula,CEO & Director

Amarender Dontula

CEO & Director

The rapidly expanding cloud hosting industry is fuelled by the adoption of big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. As the com-petition is fierce, hosting providers are drawing the attention of enterprises by offering the best services at reasonable rates. To find genuine and responsive support provider is a tedious job. ServerBasket, headquartered in Hyderabad, provides a fully customiz-able cloud hosting service giving high priority for customer's data using certified servers. With servers hosted in Tier-IV data centers in India for 100 percent uptime and high physical security, the company ensures enabling servers with IPS, IDS, WSF, and Anti-DDOS protection. ServerBasket offers fully managed cloud hosting with zero restrictions on bandwidth usage and enterprise-grade, coupled with round-the-clock technical support in the local language.

Fast, Secure, & Responsible
Business enterprises that observe the need for cloud adoption eventually come down to decide whether they want to use a managed or unmanaged cloud hosting service. It deals with the requirement of the workloads which the company is planning to move to the cloud. ServerBasket meets such requirements by channelling both services and also is specialized in offering dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting services. Besides hosting services, the company
performs sales of brand new and refurbished servers as per the demands from clients. "By providing servers of all leading brands with customized configuration, we back them using market-leading warranty cover-age. Moreover, customers can access high-end servers of leading brands at affordable prices on rent," said Amarender Dontula, CEO & Director, ServerBasket.

The company pays due diligence upon securing customers' data by only enabling access to the technical sup-port team over the servers. ServerBasket maintains a minimum downtime to provide cloud hosting services. For customers facing problems with back-ups due to lack of technical knowledge, the company initiates remote access and helps clients to take backups by clearly explaining the process. For resellers facing the problem with the settings in VPS or dedicated hosting, ServerBasket modifies them as per the preference.

For customers facing problems with backups due to lack of technical knowledge, ServerBasket initiates remote access and helps clients to take backups by clearly explaining the process

As Amarender says, when the customer uses-up entire existing resources such as disk space, memory and band-width, ServerBasket notifies them about the upgrades for higher configurations. It helps in keeping applications or websites away from crashes due to heavy load. ServerBasket had only a small client base during its initial years of establishment. Within a short period, the company gained a huge clientele for hosting services and physical servers. Amarender believes that the quality hosting services provided by the company at affordable prices have helped to position themselves among the top providers in the market. Having a client base mostly among startups, small and medium businesses, and multinational enterprises, ServerBasket has also acquired contracts from governments and international orders.

"Since our inception in 2014, we have been working hard to expand our footprint across India. Now, we are providing our services to many customers across the country. Recently, we have started our services in UAE, and our next goal is to expand our presence in the whole of the Middle East and African countries. Our goal is to provide hosting services as well as increase our sales for physical servers and spares to businesses of all sizes and individuals at reasonable prices," concludes Amarender.