SENSEACRE Labs: Holding Rich Expertise in Drones and Sensors Integration

Vinod Kumar S,  Founder & CEO

Over the past few years, Pollution and Poison in Food have been the two things which have been deeply neglected by everyone and this has lead to severe health issues and climatic changes. Having come from an Agriculture land owner’s family, Vinod Kumar S was acquainted with the negative impact and challenges in this domain. That’s when he thought of the idea ofspeed-accuracy and scale based precision agriculture. Drones equipped with sensors being the only near real-time machines that can provide the solution, Vinod Kumar S did independent research for 12 months and then established SENSEACRE Labs LLP. A Visual Intelligence company, SENSEACRE Labs holds rich expertise in Drones and Sensors integration, Deep Vision analytics and Machine learning in all domains across the UAV deployment.

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Vision image, and Video Analytics being the future, SENSEACRE Labs is actively bringing these technologies into practice. Obtained from SENSE as in sensing any object and ACRE which stands for Agriculture and Climate Resilience Engagement, SENSEACRE is renowned for demonstrating visible outcomes in
Agriculture, Power, Urban, Smart City, Mining, Dam Monitoring, Construction, Roads and Bridges, Solar, Wind Power, Forestry and Coastal Marine surveillance, and today for every domain they have visual evidence to, showcase value to the customer.

"SENSEACRE flies a drone with multi spectral camera and detects pest, populate evidence across crop area and quickly runs a spraying UAV to quarantine"

In Agricultural field, the organization educates the farmer and governments about early detection of pest at larvae stage and quarantine that will save the crops from pest attacks. SENSEACRE flies a drone with multispectral camera and detects pest, populate evidence across crop area and quickly runs a spraying UAV to quarantine. Because of the challenge of manpower for manual spraying, farmers are interested in UAV spraying as an immediate saviour for them. “Traditionally if it takes 100 Litres of water and 500 ML of pesticide for each spray cycle manually, it can be brought down to 14 litres of water and 140 ml of chemicals and we have proved this to universities, FPOs, and Farmers,” says Vinod Kumar S, Founder & CEO, SENSEACRE Labs. In Forest, it’s about tree counting, timber cutting with theft and animal poaching. “We have flown industrial grade drones with high endurance integrated with Thermal and infrared cameras to detect the trespassing of poachers,” adds Vinod. Power Line Inspection includes Under Construction towers inspections for nut, bolts, joints, welding, and more, while for Urban, Rural and Panchayats,
complete land map and land use analysis with drone imagery is done and in Disaster Management Evidence of the crop sown, crop area, crop stage and the reason for disaster can be provided.

Having partnered with Universities, Research Organizations, OEMs, Software providers and tech-savvy teams, SENSEACRE has some amazing stories on Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, and Coastal Marine surveillance. On top of using the best image processing software, the organi-zation is also working on building own algorithms and integration processes to ease the use of the applications for relative outcomes. “As an opportunity, India has 250,000 Panchayats and if each drone can create 3 jobs (1 Pilot, 1 Helper, and 1 Data Processor) we can create 750,000 jobs in rural India around agriculture. Similarly, in manufacturing ecosystems, 1 drone x 3 jobs in the assembly will create another 750,000 jobs. This is true Industry 4.0 job creator in India,” mentions Vinod Kumar.

Currently, SENSEACRE Labs is working with NABARD, ICRISAT, Prof Jaishankar Telangana State Agriculture University, NBPGR, TCS, Stock Holding Corporation Limited, along with projects for Government of AP, Government of Karnataka and Government of Telangana. SENSEACRE is Building a machine learning algorithm for detecting pests like pink bollworm and fall army worm at larvae stage. The initial results are positive and the organization will soon be ready with the complete breakthrough. Registering sales revenue of 40 Lacs in the first quarter, SENSEACRE aspires to touch two crores revenue this financial year.