Semnox Solutions: Setting Benchmarks for POS Services in the FEC & Amusement Industry

Iqbal Mohammad,Managing Director

Iqbal Mohammad

Managing Director

The organizing team of Festember, a National level inter-college cultural, literary and arts extravaganza organized by the prestigious NITTirchy, were looking for a company which could provide cashless POS solutions for the food outlets at the event venue.

Semnox’s Parafait platform caters to all technology aspects of the business and provides great customization flexibility to manage all areas of an FEC

This is when the organizers roped in Semnox Solutions to meet the unique requirement. Semnox then with the help of some NIT engineers jointly setup anIT infrastructure for the event. It distributed around 4,000 cashless RFID cards to the guests which consisted of the guest details and the cash value.The whole setup of Semnox was a huge success in the four-day
long event with cashless card system providing reports of each and every transaction, therefore making sure the organizers don't lose their money on food card coupons.

Services &the Parafait Suite
Founded in 2008, Semnox Solutions was setup by a group of IT professionals with a simple idea of bringing in cutting-edge technology to simplify the functioning of FECs (family entertainment centers). Starting off with an FEC oriented product suite,the companyhas now grown to develop world's first RFID based debit card system which provides superior, state-of-the-art RFID based cashless and ticketing solutions for FECs, Water Parks, Theme Parks, Adventure Parks, Food courts/Restaurants, Gyms and Health Clubs. Striving to bring innovation into the POS sector, the company has created a system named Parafait which is a comprehensive platform that caters to all technology aspects of the business and provides great customization flexibility which can be used to manage all areas of an FEC, including games and attractions, food service, party and group events, promotions, inventory and redemption management.
Apart from this, Parafait is also a single comprehensive system providing 360� CRM capabilities to manage customers including Loyalty, Membership & Rewards management, Promotions, Campaign Management and business analytics to its users. Recognized as the 'Innovative product of the year' at the annual
IAAPI conference in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2016, the Parafait suite has helped Semnox become market leaders in India and Far East for some time now and has helped the company make excellent progress in Middle-East, Americas, Europe, Australia and UK.

Innovative Product Based Solutions
Semnox prides in introducing the world's first Tap to Play readers using wireless RFID terminals, capable of performing operations while interacting with the systems wirelessly. Based on the RFID technology, the company also furnishes other innovative solutions like Wireless Readers Technology, tablet-based POS system, corporate control through cloud technology and Outdoor Weather Proof readers. With solutions operational in more than 700 sites, spread across 35+ countries, covering all six continents, Semnox provides customer based services in such a way that customers do not need to compromise on how they do business. "We do not sell products just off the shelf, we adapt it in a way that the customers need not make compromises on their business," says Iqbal Mohammad, Managing Director, Semnox.Having built a very strong base for itself through its new products strategy, good presence across the globe and service based on customer feedback, Semnox has several new products and offerings for its clients in the pipeline which will be launched at various expos in 2017. It is also dedicated in setting up offices for its clients in Far-East and Middle-East countries.