Seceon: Making Organizations Future Proof with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform

 Joseph Vigorito,                         Vice President Solutions Architecture

Joseph Vigorito

Vice President Solutions Architecture

In 2022, the hardening of perimeter defenses alone no longer warrants securing the digital assets of an organization, based on the workplace, workforce changes we see in our post Pandemic world, and the differing threat landscape now used by cybercriminals. Additionally, the attack surface continues to dramatically expand, and cyber criminals are more sophisticated in their tactics and techniques than ever before. Cyber risks, insider threats, email exploitation, and other vulnerabilities like crimeware are constantly changing. In addition, 95 percent of attacks destroy or exfiltrate data within a few hours of the breach, leaving little time for even the most intelligent humans to respond. Along with this, new compliance laws are becoming stricter and security skills are in higher demand with less supply than ever. These details do not, by themselves, paint a very optimistic picture.

There is good news for organizations however. Seceon provides outcome driven security solutions that allow for realtime remediation by combining cutting edge technologies, context sensitive analytics, and realtime processing. Seceon is a global provider of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven cyber threat detection and remediation platforms for Enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). With the help of the platform, businesses and MSSPs can examine operational security data proactively identify threats and vulner abilities, and swiftly contain or ameliorate them. The company also goes beyond conventional defense in depth based Silo techniques to offer comprehensive
cybersecurity for the digital era of business, by combining Seceon's Dynamic Threat Models, AI decision management, and Big/Fast Data Engine, across a variety of realworld use cases that every organization can identify against.

"Through our world renowned partners, we are proud to serve more than 5600 clients globally, and we value their input in helping us make our products and services even better. Our commitment to our customers informs our product roadmap and motivates us to innovate along the way, whether it's through detecting and responding to threats immediately, improving our user experience or advancing our platform across a diverse set of environments from enterprise to industrial, cloud, SaaS and IoT," says Joseph Vigorito, VicePresident, Solutions Architecture, at Seceon.

With complete Threat Detection and Remediation built in a Single Platform, Seceon aiSIEM is a Machine Learning and AI Platform built on Big/Fast Data Architecture. It uses AI to identify threats and then stop them without requiring human intervention. It is an integrated solution that covers compliance and a broad spectrum of use cases that impact digital business.

Bringing Overall Visibility
As a revolutionary cybersecurity platform, Seceon aiSIEM OTM, reduces the requirement for numerous silos based solutions that require personnel to operate and maintain, and are challenging to optimize and tune. Any threat vector, whether it originates from within or outside the organization, is detected and remedied in real time with Seceon aiSIEM.

End-to-end Security at Place
One can be constantly on guard and one step ahead of their enemies with Seceon aiXDR. aiXDR eliminates any uncertainty from the cyber security picture and provides multilayered defense against threats, attacks, breaches, and exploits, wherever your digital assets reside, making it the comprehensive platform for digital business, providing complete and useful evidence gleaned from diverse sources, and strong AI, ML, and DTM to prevent incidents.

Automatic Threat Detection and Remediation
The most flexible Managed Detection and Response platform on the market is Seceon's aiMSSP, which combines SOC Dashboard with defense in depth cybersecurity solution developed for Automatic Threat Detection and Remediation.

"Knowing how volatile cybersecurity and the world of digital criminality is, we meet client requirements and pain points by enhancing our platform's capabilities to help organizations cope with the uncertainty and ambiguity of the threat landscape. We don't just develop security software, we are experts in risk management and cybersecurity lifecycle too," concludes Joseph Vigorito.