SabPaisa: Innovative Platform for AI Driven Payment Collection, One Time or Recurring

Abhimanyu Jha,Co-Founder & CMO

Abhimanyu Jha

Co-Founder & CMO

The payments industry, already one of the most dynamic sectors in financial services, continues to evolve, propelled by technological and operational innovations from established players and FinTech firms. SabPaisa (SRS Live Technologies), headquartered in New Delhi with eight regional offices including Mumbai, Bangalore & Kolkata, is one such rapidly growing Fintech company having developed one of India’s most advanced AI driven recurring payments platform bolstered by another of SabPaisa’s unique products: world’s first hybrid payment platform which has all the payment modes in a single checkout page, online and offline. SabPaisa’s payments and collection application suite has already processed more than INR 12 Billion, a figure that will grow exponentially over the next several months as SabPaisa's payment applications continue to penetrate the fastest growing segment of the data and payment digitization sector.

“We are changing the way financial institutions, hospitals, government bodies, SAAS & e-commerce companies, schools, colleges, universities, councils, trusts, etc. collect money and data from their clients and customers. Businesses that take SabPaisa’s payment gateway get realtime reconciliation and consolidated reports for all payments, recurring or one time, online or offline, in a single dashboard, whether the payer is an 18 years old in Kashmir paying through UPI or a 70 year paying through Cash in Kanyakumari”, said Abhimanyu Jha, Co-founder & CMO, SabPaisa.

AI Propelled Hybrid Payment Gateway & Subscription Payments Platform

SabPaisa has one of India’s most advanced subscription payments platforms with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) backed by artificial intelligence that substantially reduces TAT and effort for mandate and transaction processing while increasing accuracy. Operational cost and other inefficiencies are brought down by advanced features such as:
AI enabled health check for all mandates; one platform for processing all modes of payment mandates, whether NACH, netbanking, debit card, credit card, UPI; and API driven status updates as compared to SFTP based excel file transfers etc.

Besides that SabPaisa is the only payment gateway whose checkout page has all payment options: from online options like Cards, Netbanking, UPI and Wallets to offline options like e-Cash, e-NEFT and Bharat QR. With SabPaisa, a businesses’ payment collection setup becomes totally online with zero manual work, whether the customer pays online or offline. And payment data travels instantaneously, that is viewed in a single report, whether it's UPI or Cards, Cheque or Cash. This eradicates the need for entering data manually or emailing excel sheets back and forth, meaning no more reconciliation ache.

The company has also launched Mansha, a text/voice based AI Assistant that employs artificial intelligence to better data processing multifold, including payment data. Beyond that, Mansha helps consumers fill up any and all types of forms through intelligent voice based interventions. As one of India's first Artificial Intelligence platforms that have been developed keeping the general as well as the differently abled population in mind, Mansha can be used to exponentially increase form processing accuracy. At the same time, it can also help those who may not be able to see or type fill forms, by using their voice that Mansha recognizes and responds to on commonly available devices.

SabPaisa has another feather in its cap making it stand out among its competitors: it is among the very few payments companies whose products have found white label acceptance from multiple public sector and private banks.

SabPaisa is continuously upgrading its existing product suite while launching new innovative ones

With such efficient products and services, SabPaisa is recognized by a number of recognitions and awards such as Innovative Startup by DIPP, GOI and CIIE, IIMA, and Most Innovative Payment Gateway for 2018 in Startup India Awards.

Upcoming Innovations

SabPaisa is continuously upgrading its existing product suite while launching new innovative ones. One of such unique offerings is SPApp, a payment, social & communication app, fit for all organizations who want to centralize their payments, organizational communication, business social & event activities into a single app. Beyond SPApp, in recent times, the company has launched products like LinkPaisa, a link creation and management platform, and Settle Paisa, a payment settlement application.More so, in the next six months, SabPaisa will launch a completely new version of their flagship product SabPaisa, and an AI-enabled credit product called CreditPaisa.

Buoyed by rewarding response from the markets, SabPaisa aims to continue its growth trajectory at even higher rates by penetrating new segments with the help of recently launched products while expanding geographically with more office locations and sales/service centers.