Rostan Technologies: Leveraging Technology to Streamline Business Processes Efficiently

Surender Tanwar,  Founder & CEO

Surender Tanwar

Founder & CEO

Digital transformation is no longer an accessory but an inherent need. It involves not only capital investment but is deep into developing strategies, executing and addressing the opportunities and challenges that come with it. Skills and experience pertaining to digital transformation are mandatorily required for a company to strategically plan. The foundational pillars of digital transformation in the industry are innovation and disruption. The dynamic shifts in the landscape is something that every company must pay attention to in order to carry out new business models, and also to train and retain existing talent.

Uniquely positioned in this space is ROSTAN Technologies, a complete service organization with a very strong service base on ERPs, Business Intelligence and Database Services. Founded in 2015, ROSTAN Technologies enables enterprises to transform their business using the power of cloud, AI, Data analytics and digital solutions. They are currently serving 50+ customers in India, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Poland and UAE. They offer a range of services for the implementation and maintenance of Oracle Applications and Technology Solutions to help organizations automate and optimize their business processes.

Today, ROSTAN Technologies provides Oracle consulting, Implementation, upgrade,
support (both onshore and offshore), Corporate training and resourcing services (Oracle Functional, Technical, DBA’s, Fusion Cloud resources and custom apps development etc.). According to Surender Tanwar, CEO and Founder, “ In the last eight years of business, we have acquired around 30+ customers globally and have delivered more than a hundred projects. For all our customers, we are the trusted partner of EBS cloud application and mobility solutions.”

They offer a range of services for the implementation and maintenance of Oracle Applications and Technology Solutions to help organizations automate and optimize their business processe

The ROSTAN Technologies team is powered by efficient professionals who are well versed in Implementations, Upgrades, Migrations, Performance Management & Stabilization, Architecture Planning, Capacity Planning and Sizing, Licensing and Strategy Definition to meet the goals of businesses. They take great pride in being the best quality service provider in Oracle Technologies. Under their services umbrella, their offerings include Enterprise Services in Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft, DBA services, Cloud services, Analytics, App development, Resourcing, Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence. Their products include GST e-invoicing which ensures complete interoperability of e-invoices across the entire GST ecosystem and eliminates the need for manual data entry mitigating chances of errors; Asset Management where they track the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, as well as non‑IT assets, throughout their life cycles; E- digital signature and Chatbot. Among the many clients that ROSTAN Technologies has assisted, one was a Mumbai based chemical industry company who were having challenges with reconciliations related to accounting. Post reviewing their application, ROSTAN realized that implementation was incorrectly done. They revamped the application in a manner that made the process seamless and efficient.

ROSTAN Technologies are gearing up for opening offices in the US and UK and are currently setting up offices in Dubai. They are also looking forward to a partnership with Salesforce as many of their clients are looking for support in that area. The future is bright and bold for the company and they will be delivering excellent services passionately as they always have.