Relations AI: Efficient and Accessible Conversational Interface for Better Customer Experience

Shreyas Kulkarni,  FounderIn most consumer based services, the implementation of AI chatbots will witness an increment. Due to the significant advancement in machine learning (ML)and artificial intelligence (AI), the chatbots have gained an edge over conventional services in terms of intelligence. As a chatbot development company, Mumbai based Relations AI helps the business achieve exemplary results in digital marketing space by deploying Artificially Intelligent Chatbots in conversational interface. Relations AI was established in the fall of 2018, has a purpose to serve all kinds of businesses big or small. Relations AI provides exceptional customer experience through completely automated personalization.

“After listening to - ‘our executive will get back to you in 24 hours’ or ‘all our customer care executives are busy at the moment’ etc., customers get disappointed and never return to the company for any further assistance. Besides this, many companies never respond to customers’ complaints or respond to it after 12 hours or so. This is alarming. Companies
need to beat the time to gain and retain customers. Our chatbots do exactly this. They are awake around the clock without food, without rest, solving and answering queries, selling the services, scheduling appointments, taking orders, suggesting food according to mood, and recommend holiday destination according to season, etc”, said Shreyas Kulkarni, Founder, Relations AI.

"Relations AI’s chatbot converses with people in such a way that it understands who is interested, who is worth spending resources on and who will convert"

Deploying Digital Personal Assistant Chatbot
Consumer tech is a field with a wide scope for the development of chatbot services for business. Relations AI provide advantages in this development by deploying their Conversational AI. Conversational AI is a Digital Personal Assistant which will help to do the talk for business and generate leads so that business can focus on other important aspects. The advantages of this chatbot are instant response, automation, high conversion rate, targeted sales, personalization, and artificially intelligent. The most vital aspect of exceptional customer service is speed. While most of the customers expect a response in an hour for their queries, Relations AI’s chatbot delivers response instantly in less than half a minute. Afterwards, the company’s chatbot does the complete work from generating awareness about the product to accepting payments. As soon as the customer clicks advert or comments on the post, the chatbot strikes a conversation and
engages the customer by giving them information, suggestions, and solving queries. This results in higher conversion and retention rate.

Furthermore, Relations AI’s chatbot converses with people in such a way that it understands who is interested, who is worth spending resources on and who will convert. The company even sends personalized messages to customers. Relations AI’s chatbot works endlessly without depending on any human intervention. All these things can be achieved because of the brain working behind the whole conversational interface, the AI algorithm. The algorithm analyses customer interactions in real time and communicates accordingly. Moreover, the process and methodology involved in this, focuses on understanding the business problems. Relations AI analyzes data to identify and prioritize customer topics. It develops conversation around user journey and evaluates data to identify pattern and decide conversational elements through photos, videos, and texts etc.

Focused on delivering quality results through messenger chatbots, Relations AI is continuously incorporating new tools and techniques to streamline the automation and ease the process for the business and the customer. The company is heavily investing in understanding customer behavior in various niches of businesses for effective and smoothly programmed conversations.