Recruitment Exchange: Helping Companies Leverage Technology to Streamline the Recruitment Process

Shankar Srinivasan,  FounderThe size of the global online recruiting market was $28.68 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.1 percent to reach $43.39 billion by 2027. Many businesses handle all communication processes including advertising job positions, checking the progress of applicants, and holding online interviews. Throughout the anticipated time frame, these factors are projected to support the online recruitment market's expansion. To reduce or totally eliminate operational processes and improve operational performance inside and across departments and hiring teams, digital transformation typically requires investment in software and data technology. Recruitment Exchange powers several job sites, among which some are market leaders in their own niche. Its demonstrated application is quite robust and scalable. Recruitment Exchange serves clients worldwide from its base in India.

Solutions for Easier Hiring
Leveraging technology to streamline recruitment and establish oneself as a leading global provider of technology solutions is the need of the hour, and Recruitment Exchange's experts provide just that. The promoters of Recruitment Exchange have over 40 years of combined expertise in recruitment and have been active in the recruitment technology field since 2005. In addition to job board services, the firm has experience managing projects related to RPO automation, ATS, PSU recruiting management, and aptitude test management. In the years leading up to the launch of Recruitment Exchange, the Promoters created and released a variety of recruitment products.
“Recruitment Exchange do not accept every order that comes by. We are very choosy while picking clients. We take time to understand client needs and engage with those clients where we find synergy. That way, our partnership and professional relationship lasts for a very long time”, shares Shankar Srinivasan, Founder, Recruitment Exchange.

Recruitment Exchange stands out as a result of the firm’s resolution to serve clients exactly what they need to overcome constraints that may pose as potential challenges in the way

In order to provide the best solutions to recruiters, recruitment technology companies are increasingly utilizing AI & ML in crucial areas including resume sourcing, job matching, scheduling, chatbots, and predictive analysis. They are creating algorithms that can exploit big data to their advantage and focus on possible candidates. Numerous fresh and cutting-edge items are on the horizon for these markets. As the industry continues to progress, Recruitment Exchange is also focusing on providing the best solutions based upon the needs of every client.

Recruitment Exchange stands out as a result of the firm’s resolution to serve clients exactly what they need to overcome constraints that may pose as potential challenges in the way. In one instance, Recruitment Exchange was tasked with a project for an international client who had a limited budget. Despite this challenge, the company was able to successfully provide the desired results for the client, even at their own financial expense. “The Promoters constantly engage with industry leaders and share views and ideas that shape the future of the Job board industry & leverage key technologies, especially in AI and ML space”, further adds Shankar.

Solving Challenges
Data portability from recruitment applications into a company's broader HRIS system and vice versa is the most significant challenge the sector faces, despite the fact that there are others. Most of the time, human intervention is required which causes data contamination and inefficiencies. Promoters of Recruitment Exchange are now working on a product that would enhance data portability between HR technology apps.

Recruitment Exchange offers amazing solutions that are scalable, powerful, proven, tested and mobile friendly to combat the numerous challenges facing the industry. As the company continues to leverage the latest technological advancements to offer critical facilities to the clients, while continuing to build strong relationships, Recruitment Exchange is on the path to become the global leader in the industry.