Rain Infotech: Customized Blockchain Development Services For Generating Next-Generation Solutions

Mehul Akbari,CEOBlockchain, the underlying infrastructure behind cryptocurrencies, is likely among our age's most transformative technological innovations, with good use cases for many industries. Various industries are actively adopting this innovation. Blockchain trends have already found applications in e-Commerce, health care, supply chain, transportation, and finance. In a nutshell, blockchain is an open and censorship-resistant data-base model secured by encryption and decentralization.

Moreover, after completing engineering degrees in 2014, Mehul Akbari and Krunal Mangroliya discovered that blockchain technology is still in its infancy in India and that block-chain development is uncommon in this country. To encourage teenagers to use this technology, they decide to learn it. After they were tech experts, they established Rain Infotech firm in 2015 with an 8x8 sqm office. Rain Infotech delivers extraordinary and easily operated user-friendly mobile app, web & blockchain development services to clients. The business uses a distinctive strategy and a focus on quality to provide outstanding services that give organizations a competitive edge and aid their growth.

"The company journey was fantastic. We have faced many difficulties.

In the past few decades, many things seemed impossible because lack of blockchain resources but nowadays the rapid progress of Blockchain technology is showing no signs of slowing down. The complexity of technologies was the key factor. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we currently have 2 branches worldwide. One is in the UAE, and the other is in India, stated Mehul Akbari, CEO and Founder, of Rain Infotech.
Range of Services and Solutions for Blockchain Users
Rain Infotech offers a wide range of services to help clients boost their business. They not only create web-sites but keep them updated, manage and also add high-quality content. Their expertise as a blockchain development firm also extends to mo-bile app development at an affordable price. Along with this, the company always respects user data and privacy. That's why they provide solutions on HyperLedger, EVM-based block-chain, Hardware Wallet, MetaVerse, Point of Sale (POS with Crypto/Token), DeFI, dApps, NFT, cryptocurrency/tokens, and much more.

These solutions provide customized blockchain development services for generating next-generation solutions for unique company needs and holistic development with its multi-disciplined subject specialists.

Krunal Mangroliya,

Additionally, Rain Infotech over-comes numerous difficulties with outstanding services, including multisigntx, private cryptocurrency block-chain with use cases, reduced risk of user funds, data and privacy, and many others. Fraudulent transactions or data loss/hacks on financial projects like centralized wallets, which keep all the funds on one server, are among the most common problems. Consequently, if that server or website is compromised, all users will suffer financial loss. As a result of Rain Info-tech's decentralized conversion of that wallet, all users now possess owner-ship of their money.

"In today's era, almost governments and giant corporations are using blockchain technology. Therefore, we make the decision to encourage startups to use blockchain technology and provide privacy & security to their users. In order to create a typical website that is decentralised for improved data security and user privacy, we are merging frontend technology like NextJS, ReactJS, and Flutter to blockchain platform hyperledger, explained Krunal Mangroliya, CTO & Co-Founder.

Rain Infotech provides cutting-edge software solutions that add value to the business and provide the best user experience for the consumers to capitalize on the growth. Furthermore, in the near future, the company will develop blockchain technologies for patient healthcare records with mediclaim, pharmaceutical supply chain, supply & assets management, land registry, food supply chain, and combined values of blockchain and AI. Its mission is to make an independent system for data-bases using blockchain technology, which will provide user-friendly solutions & systems in 15 countries among the top 50 countries of the world.