Raana Semiconductors: Redefining Semiconductor Technology Conjoining Industry & Business Functions

Rajasekar Elavarasan,CEOWhile everything is going intelligent & smart, several recent reports claim that two-third of public lighting systems currently in use are still based on obsolete and inefficient semiconductor technologies, with higher energy consumption than needed. But Raana Semiconductors installed GPRS based streetlight controller for corporations which helps monitor the streetlights online and in real time from any location through a web-based semiconductor allied software. With state-of-the-art System Design, Development & Support Activities, Industrial Automation and Semiconductor Technology Consulting, Raana Semiconductors (est. 2008) provides solutions to its clients with world’s latest and well proven technology.

Nagasudhan, CTO,

Aggregate Services
Consolidating unparalleled experience, capabilities across all industries & business functions,
and extensive research, Hosur based Raana Semiconductors is a one stop solution for research activities for semiconductor products & services organisation, offering end-to-end solutions in embedded system domain in addition to on time delivery. Triaging on Design Services, Manufacturing Services and Product Development, the organisation has created working models of Crystal growth (Seed rotation, Bridgman technique etc),Digital Optic WARP and WEFT stop motion and pick counter for power looms, Multilevel Multi-string Grid tie inverter along with the Energy saver smart streetlights for corporations.

Complying with standardization for safety and quality, Raana caters to ranging requirements from small prototype design to high end solutions

Complying with standardization for safety and quality, Raana caters to ranging requirements from small prototype design to high end solutions. Regardless of whether you are searching for a basic outline idea, adding highlights to a momentum plan, or need a complete design package, Raana offers a variety of semiconductor engineering services and consulting for hardware design & development. With the experience in understanding of platform architecture and composing optimized embedded software for simple micro-controller electronic embedded systems or complex DSP architectures, the company bolsters with Embedded Software Design such as custom low power DSPs, ARM, PIC, and AT mega micros programming in C, C++ and
MATLAB. Having permuted crystal growth equipment recently, Raana has been a name on demand by many crystal growth researchers for developing single crystal used for many laser applications.

Intrinsic Functionalities
Raana’s modern production facilities with electronic manufacturing services ranging from, PCB fabrication, prototyping, procurement, assembly (both through hole and surface mount), testing via ATE or a functional test to box build. Aside from this, Raana also indulges in FPGA Design & Proto-Pilot Production supporting all technologies and competences by creating prototypes, engineering and industrial samples. Additionally, the company improves the client’s time-to-market, manufacturability and reliability through its PCB assembly and testing. Raana is highly experienced in procuring high quality and rare components directly from its extensive international infrastructure of suppliers. “We are able to locate stock for all product types from U.S., Europe, and Asia using only our extensive supplier network. We pass these benefits on to our customers in terms of both pricing and the highest possible quality assurance,” affirms Rajasekar Elavarasan, CEO, Raana Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.

With a core team of well-qualified professionals representing diverse functional areas such as design, engineering, product architecture and project management, its works with government and non government agencies for making many indigenous equipment for research purpose. “No matter how complex your design is, we will deliver an assembled and fully tested product fast,” avows Nagasudhan, CTO, Raana Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.