Quick Dry Cleaning Software: Introducing Technology to the Dry Cleaning Industry

Rachit Ahuja,Founder Director

Rachit Ahuja

Founder Director

Six years ago, the dry cleaning industry was quite dry when it came to technology solutions. Rachit Ahuja (Founder & Director - Business Development), a techie who is also a third generation dry cleaner, too saw his father and brother struggle to manage their business. Hence utilizing his technical knowledge, he developed an in-house business solution for them.

Specifically designed for the laundry and dry cleaning industry, the Quick Dry Cleaning POS Software’s flagship product ‘Quick Dry Cleaning Store Module’ provides five product modules catering to different aspects of the business.

After successful implementation of the solution in his own family business and observing the change it brought to the business, Rachit planned to commercialize his solution due to the demand for the software by other dry cleaners.And in 2010
along with his partners, Rachit founded Quick Dry Cleaning Software - a POS tool striving to make life better for all the three stake holders (customers, workers and owners) of the laundry and dry cleaning businesses by automating all management processes.

Service Modules
Specifically designed for the laundry and dry cleaning industry, the Quick Dry Cleaning POS Software's flagship product 'Quick Dry Cleaning Store Module' provides five product modules catering to different aspects of the business. While one module deals with managing the entire store operations (like order generation, customer information management, tagging, garment and order tracking), module for processing unit or factory operations help keep track of the work in the workshops like dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and others. The company has developed a mobile-based 'Business Dashboard' (iOS & Android), the access of which is restricted only to business owners and administrators to track their business, along with another Android app for the pickup boys, 'Mobile POS' who can instantly generate order which instantly gets saved in the centralized dashboard, and an SMS/email notification is instantly sent to the customer.

Customers being the lifeline of dry cleaning business, Quick Dry Cleaning has launched a mobile application for customers of dry cleaners to enable 'On-Demand Dry Cleaning' where they can connect with the dry cleaners, request pickups, track their orders and garments, pay digitally and several more benefits. These modules
when implemented provide end-to-end services to all types of businesses present in the dry cleaning industry. "Our versatility to be able to serve so many different work flows like typical dry cleaners, Laundromats and laundries, makes us a unique proposition within this domain," says Rachit.

Uniqueness & Efficiency
Every Quick Dry Cleaning Software module is equipped with advanced state-of-the-art technologies and business intelligence. The information gathered from different modules is stored in cloud providing a secure gateway to the business owners to access data and reports anywhere on the go. The efficiency of the software can be known through a case where it helped a company named Hollywood Dry Cleaners of Kolkata that had issues with inventory of clothes leading to huge loss apart from having pilferage problems. The Quick Dry Cleaning Software helped them with Garment Tracking which saved almost Rs.200,000 for the company within first year itself and also increased the efficiency of workshop staffs therefore bringing the employees pilferage to zero.

As most of the dry cleaning businesses are run by people who aren't much into technology, support and training becomes a major challenge for the software providers and here, Quick Dry Cleaning stands out by providing comprehensive and online training to all its clients. With 500 clients in 34 countries, Quick Dry Cleaning Software is now focusing on building intelligence in the system to enhance clients' business. The roadmap entails upgrading the software modules in multi-lingual version, with global expansion on the cards.