Quark Solar: Undertakes EPC of Mid to Large-sized Solar Rooftops for Companies across India and Abroad

Pritam Doshi, Founder & CEO,Sohini Doshi, Director

Pritam Doshi, Founder & CEO

Sohini Doshi, Director

Rendering solar rooftop power solutions is a big area of specialization where only a handful of players contribute to the fullest. Quark Solar Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading solar power solution companies in India, established in 2010, and specializes in customized solar power solutions for commercial and industrial customers across India. Quark Solar also provides technical and regulatory advisory and design services to clients who require independent expertise for their cleantech investments.

Quark Solar is a nationwide EPC, advisory, and O&M solution provider that offers quality solar solutions to the market at a reasonable price enabling its customer to make an attractive return on investment. This has made Quark Solar maintain its clientele base by retaining all its existing industrial and commercial customers who have installed multiple solar plants. “We have our in-house dedicated team for design, engineering, and procurement and also do our own installation and O&M service,” says Pritam Doshi, the Founder & CEO, Quark Solar. The company has successfully commissioned over 400 solar rooftops across India, from NCR to Kerala and from Gujarat to Assam.

“Our customers not only have unique requirements at the site in terms of solar installation, but they also have unique requirements in terms of cash flows or preferences based on their balance sheets. As a result, we maintain relationships with
various financial investors and lenders in the market to offer not only the conventional capex model where the solar system is sold to the offtaker/ customer, but also the OPEX model where the offtaker only purchases power by entering into a power purchase agreement, and an EMI model where the offtaker prefers to purchase the system with financial assistance,” Pritam continues.

Quark has over 500 vendors to select materials from and is in close touch with vendors and customers to optimize cost and supply issues. It constantly explores new technologies to enhance customer value in terms of the performance of the solar system and lowering of investment. With the customer in mind, it keeps its views on solar design and implementation flexible. “We are brand-agnostic and technology-agnostic and based on customer’s needs, budgets, and preferences, we adapt the solution to suit them,” confirms Pritam. With its swift excution and transparent communication skills, it has helped its vendors and customers to get what they want. Every project faces unique challenges and Quark overcomes those by keeping its stakeholders constantly apprised.

We are seeing significant growth from small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, in addition to several larger companies, looking to go green and save power costs

With changes in govt. policies from time-to-time, customers easily get confused about applicability of regulations. Quark communicates customers with clarifications to help them with decision making.

The revenue growth of Quark Solar in the current FY has been 197%, which grew 57% over the previous year despite the pandemic. The company has grown the business with its own capital till now along with vendor credit and looks forward to engaging with banks for working capital facilities in the near future. It has been offering its solutions to Blue Star Ltd., Emami Ltd., Fuchs Lubricants, GMM Pfaudler, HDFC, Tata Motors, Hardcastle Petrofer, among other blue-chip clients. Quark Solar has also provided and continues to provide detailed design services for utility-scale solar projects in the United States, Barbados, and Aruba. “We are seeing significant growth from small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, in addition to several larger companies looking to go green and save power costs. We are also seeing healthy demand from large-residential market and we are exploring the right solutions in terms of technology and business model to cater to these customers,” Pritam concludes.