Quadrical: Data Engineering, Not Just Data Science

Sharat Singh,  Founder & CEO,   Hugh Hind, President & Co-founder

Sharat Singh, Founder & CEO

Hugh Hind, President & Co-founder

With data piling at exponential volumes at enterprises, unearthing the value of the data is a complex, time consuming and resource intensive endeavor; with little assurance of the desired business results. This, in turn, deviates the enterprise’s focus from their core competencies.

Based out of Waterloo, Canada, with an Indian office at Gurgaon, Quadrical offers an AI powered engine that works at the core of an enterprise’s existing system to deliver actionable insights allowing them to make the best possible business decisions. Quadrical was established by two industry veterans carrying deep domain understanding of the conditions needed, and the execution required, for business success. The Founder & CEO, Sharat Singh is an alumnus of IIT Delhi, with an MBA from NYU having handled senior roles at Microsoft, Make My Trip and Adobe. Sharat has a strong engineering and management exposure of Digital commerce and product enterprises. The other Founder, Hugh Hind is the President at Quadrical and is a Blackberry veteran; with an Engineering Masters degree from Waterloo and a Mathematics PhD from Cambridge.
Hugh brings deep insight into the mathematics & engineering behind modern AI. Moreover, he carries a strong understanding of business strategy, operations, and scaling of enterprises.

Quadrical first understands the client’s specific success metrics, which may lead to increased sales, profits or richer customer experience

Focused on the Digital, eCommerce and Consumer enterprises, Quadrical gives its clients the advantage of deep technology and AI expertise, without disrupting the execution of client’s core business processes.“Quadrical does not seek to be all things to all people, we are dedicated to working with select clients to delivery timely business enhancing solutions and demonstrate the core value of AI through our partners rapid emergence as the new business leaders”, says Sharat.

Most businesses today have a plethora of questions that needs to be answered in order to substantially improve their revenue or profit margins. The only edge these businesses have is the data collected, and rightly so, this data is the key to the questions.“A pain point we often encounter is the lack of answers, coupled with a need for those answers to be delivered and acted on without impacting their ongoing business operations”, mentions Hugh. Quadrical works with such clients to prioritize their questions and understand the format the answers must take. At the same time, Quadrical works with the company to figure out how AI generated answers and recommendations will be seamlessly fed into the company’s existing business decisions and operations processes without disrupting those processes.
Engage. Deliver. Optimize.
Quadrical first understands the client’s specific success metrics, which may lead to increased sales, profits or richer customer experience. The Quadrical team, learns how data driven decisions are currently feeding into their existing processes. Only, after a thorough understanding of client’s current business process and their dilemmas, Quadrical proposes an approach to seamlessly integrate AI generated guidance into their systems. The Quadrical AI engines are tuned to deliver optimized results via a plug and play interface, which create significant positive impact on the identified business metrics for the clients. However, after the initial impact, the real USP for Quadrical is the continuous improvement. This is where Qaudrical, as an organization, evolves with its clients by continuously operating, monitoring and enhancing their engines to transparently and robustly push the client’s metrics to further success. “The business environment is changing at a rapid pace, a project based AI approach gives a temporary business uptick. Once our AI engines are tuned, they learn and optimize – to provide better business results over time, ensuring our clients maintain the competitive edge”, says Yashwinder Chhikara, who is heading the Product Business at Quadrical.

With leading Digital service providers in their clientele, and leadership like no other, Quadrical shows promises to provide significant improvement in the consumer experience and sales for enterprise's; by enabling and optimizing their unique, cloud based, SaaS AI engine.