Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions: Promising a Profound Understanding and Expertise in Turnkey Clean Room Projects

Ravi Thakur,Director

Ravi Thakur


Thanks to the Indian healthcare sector which is rapidly evolving and is expected to increase from US$ 110 billion in 2016 to US$ 372 billion in 2022; and the rigorous healthcare policies, regulatory concerns regarding the packaging, manufacturing, and processing of better quality products and safety of the working personnel, there has been a significant rise in the application of cleanrooms in Indian healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, the increasing demand for sterilized pharmaceutical formulations, and development of new biologics and its wide applications in the medical devices’ industry is driving the growth of the cleanroom technology market. Realizing it early on, Mumbai headquartered, Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions ventured its first foot in 2014 with a vision to make the best out their 20 years’ knowledge and experience of cleanroom technology.

Since its inception, the firm has worked on turnkey cleanrooms projects for various reputed pharmaceutical companies including Glenmark, Cipla Biotech, Merck, Mylan, Vasudha Pharma, Teva, Ajanta, Alembic, Torrent, Kemwell and Recipharm. “Our core competency lies in our knowledge of the manufacturing process of Pharmaceutical industry. This helps us in creating innovative solutions for the clients and also ensuring that the manufacturing set-ups fulfill the stringent cGMP standards. The pain-points of our clients are mostly with regards to quality and timely delivery and we are thoroughly trained to execute all our projects within the allotted timelines without compromising on the quality of service. Our main target is to meet customer satisfaction through awareness of customer needs and Quality Control. At Pharmintech, we constantly upgrade our products and services. Our cross-sector obligations go far beyond the scope of our business, sustainable development, environmental protection, social and civic policies,” says Ravi Thakur, Director, Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions.

Embracing the Knowledge of Cleanroom Technology
A technology based and knowledge driven enterprise, Pharmintech is recognized widely for offering the best quality in Cleanroom industry with an effective price range. Keeping up with the latest trends, the company possesses developed skill sets to provide the best in class products and services instantaneously; thus ensuring that there are no gaps between the growing trends and technology. Renowned for walking the talk with its customers, Pharmintech addresses the stumbling blocks of its customer’s business by offering unique cleanroom products and services like cleanroom modular system, precise HVAC system, Cleanroom equipment like Laminar air flows, Dynamic and Static pass boxes, Sampling and Dispensing booths, Bio Safety Cabinets, Air Showers, Mist Showers, Mobile LAF’s, Fume Hoods, SS furniture, Low-Side electrical, Utility Piping,
Fire Fighting system, BMS, Various types of floorings and finally the Validations which are the most critical part of the projects.

Keeping up with the latest trends, pharmintech possesses developed skill sets to provide the best in class products and services instantaneously; thus ensuring that there are no gaps between the growing trends and technology

Pharmintech presents the widest variety of clean room wall panels in the industry in order to accommodate a variety of modular clean room applications. These walls are designed for life science and pharmaceutical applications that require a flush wall surface with radius corners for ease of cleaning, nonporous surfaces, and resistance to microbial and fungal growth. Like Modular panels, Pharmintech’s Cleanroom Doors have also been built with a new perspective in terms of ergonomics and layout which assures security, access control, and automatic options to the customers. When it comes to cleanroom HVAC, Pharmintech is adept at designing and fabricating the right heating, cooling, and ventilation systems required for Cleanroom operations across a wide variety of industries.

Amongst its various services, Pharmintech also presents a wide range of cleanroom equipments which include Static Pass Box - SPB, Dynamic Pass Box – DPB, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Units, Vertical Laminar Air Flow Units, Mobile Laminar Air Flow Units, Man Air Shower, Sampling & Dispensing Booths, Garment Storage Cabinet, Bio-Safety Cabinets and Stainless Steel Furniture. For its cleanroom facilities and equipments, the company comes with a gamut of Calibration and Validation services which are based on thorough understanding of cGMP standards. Pharmintech performs all validations as per ISO 14644, EU cGMP, US Federal Standard 209E, USFDA guidelines for all room classifications. All testing, reports and certifications are regulated by the firm’s operating process which constitutes part of its Quality Manual. Any parameter outside the allowable range is reported immediately, and strategies and measures are taken care by the best team of designers, engineers and officials who ensure that everything is done systematically and efficiently. This eventually generates trust among the customers, and makes the company a leader in the industry.

The core team of Pharmintech consists of highly motivated and skilled professionals which hold academic degrees along with rich exposure to technology and business development. Ravi also points that, “We have a small but dedicated team of professionals which work collectively towards achieving the vision of the organization. We at Pharmintech believe in -‘TOGETHER WE CAN CREATE’. Our employees are our real strength and we devote a lot of our time in arranging Employee Development sessions by organizing one to one meetings and Group Discussions to share our knowledge and experiences with them, while at the same time allowing them to voice out their
ideas and suggestions. Our open door policy and rewarding employees who have gone beyond the call of duty has paid us rich dividends. Our success is a reflection of the dedication and hardwork of our team, and we are proud of such team which moves a mile beyond to help its patrons to feel the glow of contentment.”

Steering the Change with Cleanroom Solutions
According to "Cleanroom Technology Market by Equipment (HVAC System, HEPA Filter, Air Shower, Air Diffuser), Consumables (Apparel, Gloves, Wipes, Disinfectants), Construction (Hardwall, Softwall),& by End User (Pharmaceutical, Biotech) - Global Forecast to 2019"- a report published by Markets and Markets, the global Cleanroom Technology Market was valued at $2,726.9 Million in 2013 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5 percent during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019. The coming years will see cleanroom technology market gaining huge benefits in India. The nation is expected to be in the list of the top growing countries in the cleanroom market. Cleanroom solution and service providers like Pharmintech are doing a remarkable job in manufacturing cleanroom equipments that are qualified to meet the international standards. Foreseeing the good future of cleanroom industry, Pharmintech is determined to continue serving its Indian customers while simultaneously spreading its wings across the international markets of Bangladesh, Nepal, East Africa, Nigeria, Middle-East and other Maghreb countries.

Commenting on the future of Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions, Ravi Thakur shares, “Though Pharmintech is a four year old firm, our knowledge base about cleanroom technology spans beyond two decades. We believe that startups like us who possess the knowledge and dedication should be given a chance to execute big projects. We feel that vendor selection should not be on the basis of financial turnovers; instead vendors should be evaluated on the basis of their experience, knowledge, dedication and service delivery mechanism. Although our market share may be low at present, but our vision is to evolve and rank ourselves amongst the top 5 organizations handling cleanroom projects on turnkey basis. Striving to translate our visions into reality, we are adding various verticals and soon, we also have plans to start manufacturing ancillary products in-house. While addressing pain points of pharma and food industries is our forte, but in the coming years we also envision expanding our reach to other industries like semiconductors, electronics, biotech and many more.”

Pharmintech's Exceptional Skills lie in-
• Clean Room Modular Wall.
• Clean Room Ceiling
• Clean Room Metal Doors.
• Clean Room HVAC.
• Clean Room Equipments like:
• Static Pass Box
• Dynamic Pass Box
• Horizontal Laminar Air Flow
• Vertical Laminar Air Flow Unit
• Dispensing Booth
• Sampling Booths
• Bio Safety Cabinet
• Garment Storage Cabinet
• Mobile Laminar Air Flow Unit
• Stainless Steel Laboratory