PeoplesHR: Integrating Tech in HR to get Right Talent on-board

Sampath Jayasundara,  CEO & Director

Sampath Jayasundara

CEO & Director

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the Human Resource (HR) technology market has been growing at an unparalleled pace. According to recent estimates, the market size of HR technology worldwide was valued at $23.98 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $39.90 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of 7.5 percent. AI, Automation, Robotics, and use of IoT and Data Analytics, are some of the critical areas where these technologies are changing the job landscape globally.

Amidst this fast-paced growth, PEOPLESHR stands out as a company that was founded with the understanding that people are the true essence of any organization, big or small. With a purpose of making the experience of its million users better every single day PEOPLESHR embraces cutting-edge technologies such as AI, automation, robotics, IoT, and data analytics to transform the HR industry and change the job landscape globally.

PEOPLESHR has garnered over two decades of domain expertise in the industry developing sensitivity to understanding the subtle nuances of the industrial needs. The company vests its focus on offering clients the best HR solutions across a range of HR operations, bringing the best global talent to every client that forms the crux of the organization. “We are a 25 year old company now and over the years, we have worked with 1500 diverse clients ranging from big companies with over 100,000 employees to smaller companies with 50-100 employees. This has allowed us to acquire a lot of
knowledge, maturity, and a keen understanding of typical HR needs, challenges, and ways to resolve them”, shares Sampath Jayasundara, CEO & Director, PEOPLESHR.

Leveraging Technology to Meet Objectives
As an end-to-end services provider, PEOPLESHR covers solutions for the entire range of HR operations from Recruitment to Retirement. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has a widespread presence in over 40 countries across 20+ industries with offices in Australia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and business in Africa. The product is available in two versions, PEOPLESHR On Premise and PEOPLESHR Cloud. Additionally, it offers a simplified version of the software “PEOPLESHR TURBO” with limited number of modules that can be set up in just less than a week, catering to the growing needs of Small and Medium businesses.

Additionally, in its suit of sub products are PEOPLESHR Academy - a digital learning academy to power HR operations, PEOPLESHR Marketplace - a one-of-a-kind online store for all HR-related stakeholders, PEOPLESHR Outsourcing - to help build an HR powerhouse with outsourcing and PEOPLESHR Social - an Enterprise Social Network to boost the engagement levels within organizations.

Managing various verticals at the same time has fostered an environment of continued growth and adaptability at PEOPLESHR.

PEOPLESHR is also addressing one of the major industrial challenges on how the HR data which has been collected over the last decade can be used to make data driven solutions. The firm is leveraging innovative applications which use descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and diagnostic analytics.

Future Plans
“The future is very bright as there are a lot of opportunities in this segment, and we are a company that is always ready to adopt to new changes. When it comes to the HR tech sector, while there are many players, there is no industry leader yet in the APAC region. So, our goal is to emerge as the leader in this industry”, states Sampath.

The mission of PEOPLESHR is to provide clients with cutting edge solutions, expertly assess their requirements, and match the best talent with the right companies.To do this, PEOPLESHR is firmly focused on products at various levels ensuring that the product goes through a global development journey in terms of technology adoption and integration covering all aspect of HR life cycle from recruitment to off-boarding employees. With a dynamic approach, PEOPLESHR is on pace to realize its goals in the coming years.