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Deepak Nagar, CEO & MD

Deepak Nagar


We are going through the era of business disruptions wherein new, technology enabled businesses, are giving old business a run for their money. Established setups can’t afford to hold back new technology adoption. A well analyzed and thoughtfully adopted technology solution with in efficient support yields little or no results and drains organizational resources. PC Doctor is a Mumbai based IT Support organization providing IT management, maintenance, support and solutions services to organizations local as well as overseas. In IT, one size never fits all, and this phenomenon is at the center of all the customized support solutions provided by PC Doctor. With its exceptionally focused IT Support, PC Doctor helps its customers run their IT equipment and operations smoothly year after year.

No amount of superficial support patch work can give a lasting solution to frequent IT challenges faced by small and medium businesses. One has to deep dive and spend multiple hours, use wealth of experience to root cause issues and then solve them for good. Here lies the strength of PC Doctor. Once solved, PC Doctor brings in proven support practices to greatly reduce reoccurrences, resulting in lowest possible IT downtime and trouble for organization.
PC Doctor offers variety of contracted services like Annual Maintenance Contracts, FMS/Resident Engineer services, Virtual IT Department Services, Email Hosting & Support Services, IT Solutions deployment & support services or anything else which involves bailing a customer out of an IT challenge loop. For most businesses, it’s difficult to have an IT Department because of high costs and high employee attrition. Virtual IT Department service fits very well in this gap, doing everything that an IT department does at a fraction of the costs. Some times going above and beyond that, providing quality consultancy services.

PC Doctor brings in proven support practices to greatly reduce reoccurrences, resulting in lowest possible IT downtime

PC Doctor largely provides services to small and medium businesses. “We work with them to understand their business model and give them smooth IT operations. We also figure out whether proposed IT Solutions suit them with regards to price, size, expected results and solution lifespan. After careful provision of enough technology headroom, clients don't come back with another demand in a short time. While servicing customers, we ensure that no wrong decisions are made which put either IT infrastructure or IT budgets in a vulnerable state. We would rather do a pre mortem of painful problem than a postmortem of a sloppy solution”, says Deepak Nagar, CEO and MD, PC Doctor.

For SMEs facing multiple IT problems, investment in new equipment and infrastructure is considered to be a solution by most competitors and customers. However, if that investment is not well analyzed, well deliberated, well supported and well maintained, IT problems will begin to crop up again.

Recently PC Doctor helped a global IT Support giant, setup IT infrastructure for their customer at a renowned Internet Data Centerbased out of India. This project, which involved multiple entities, was carried out in such flawless manner that not even once the companies overseas needed to visit project site in India.

PC Doctor will soon be expanding its presence to other major cities of India for Hands & Feet IT support and currently building its skills in deploying and supporting IoT based solutions.