Overtures Infotech: Handholding Retailers to an Online Presence

Aamir Natterwalla,Founder & Director

Aamir Natterwalla, Founder & Director

Alifiya Netterwalla, Director

Over the past decade, consumers have been on a spree to constantly change their shopping habits while the merchants try to keep up. Online marketplaces may set a pricing range for a merchant's products/services, which may not align with its revenue and profit goals. This is just one of the many bottlenecks of selling online in an online marketplace. More so, given the flexibility offered by online marketplace giants with regards to return/exchange and reimbursements, merchants are left empty handed on the receiving end. There are negligible or no losses concurred by the seller aggregator, rather, all the returns and exchanges are burdened on merchants. Aamir Natterwalla took a close look at this bargain and realized that the merchants are facing heavy losses due to the changing customer dynamics. Taking it as an opportunity to fill the void, Aamir laid the foundations to Overtures Infotech, which assists merchants to explore the options of having their own ecommerce website. Based out of Mumbai, Overtures Infotech (India) is an IT company offering Cloud, Digital and E-com solutions for the past 15 years. Having a client base of almost 1000 customers in Mumbai, a total of 1600 in India & 2800 across the globe, including Government
(BEST Undertaking, Indian Navy, Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizers etc.) & Corporate organization, the company has consulted and structured many businesses in achieving their Digital goals.

"Our belief right from inception has been to provide `Innovation'. It may sound cliché but we never focus on `Invention' rather we focus on doing existing things differently. We have seen a lot of businesses fail in an attempt to reinvent IT processes, however, when we step in we add a touch of Innovation using our marketing experience and advice innovative solutions in existing processes", says Aamir Natterwalla, Founder & Director.

Overtures is known to build an identity for its merchant clients

Overtures' turnkey E-com pack-age is something which sets the firm apart. Right from setting up the E-com Cloud Server, to product integration, to Payment Setup, to Google publishing; everything is managed in-house without dependency on any third-party products or services. Overtures team takes a bottom to top approach with its clients, and advices the same to the clients who reach out with an objective to directly go global. As a mentor and advisor, Overtures handholds the merchant and educates to first establish a strong foothold in the Indian context and learn the ropes. Post that, if the merchant has understood the basics of operating an ecommerce web portal, Overtures leads the client to the next level of promotions-be it Google or any other global platform.

Overtures is known to build an identity for its merchant clients. This is what gives Overtures an edge over similar ecommerce solutions provider in the market. From florist to reputed research organizations, Overtures addresses and caters to a wide range of clientele. Clearsynth and Ultimamac have been two of the many clients Overtures has served with utmost precision. Clearsynth is a research driven global organisation headquartered in India having close to 4,00,000 catalogue products used in scientific re-search across 58 countries. Ultimamac is a genuine online spares website with an Inventory of over 2,00,000 spares that reaches to tier-2 and tier-3 countries, where power tools and spares are needed in infrastructure development. Overtures has powered both the clients and takes pride in delivering success in their business. In the year 2020, Overtures is expected to go full throttle in enabling every retailer, irrespective of size, to go online.