Notation Software Labs: Transforming Stores into Brands using Comprehensive Platforms

Piyush Pathak,FounderWrapped in the convenience and ease of doing business, ecommerce platforms have become the favorable choice of entrepreneurs in the last few years. Limitations pertained in the conventional brick and mortar stores have been transformed drastically to online stores by allotting customers to do purchase at their convenient time. To suffice the dream of availing simple and easy ecommerce for the industries, Notation Software Labs deploys CommerceUp, a mobile first end-to-end ecommerce solution, for a hassle free online journey. The company based out of Gurugram, Haryana established in December 2017, is backed with the idea of empowering people to build and grow their business online.

CommerceUp offers services that transcend time and impel customers to success. Being a mobile first progressive website available across mobile apps supported in iOS and android, the platform avails a detailed catalogue management to govern the products, collections, attributes, and brands. Having integrated with logistics and multiple payment gateways, CommerceUp is easy customizable since it does not work on fixed template for design, rather a multiple widget system. Its multiple widgets assist organizations in creating different kinds of ecommerce store with the latest design
trends. Unlike the traditional ecommerce websites, CommerceUp have an omnichannel experience that provides multiple sales channels across website, mobile web, and mobile apps that could be managed through a single dashboard. "In the current scenario, having a website is not enough for online sales since most of the end customers are highly depended on big brands like Amazon and Flipkart. Customers expect same kind of experience with other ecommerce websites as well", explains Piyush Pathak, Founder, Notation Software Labs.

CommerceUp is easy customizable since it does not work on fixed template for design, rather a multiple widget system

CommerceUp provides easy solutions to run different kinds of promotions for sales including cart level promotions and product/brands level promotions on ecommerce store in order to retain and engage customers. The platform also provides enough marketing tools to send push notification, SMS, and emails to customers from its dashboard without worrying about the multiple plugins needed to integrate. Notation envisions converting every store into a brand, and making it visible by focusing on the requirements of the clients. Moreover, the company offers to handle digital marketing and proper guidance by analyzing website performance that provides growth strategies.

With so many platforms and third party integration, some organizations seek more than one technology assistant to choose the right technology for their business operations. Organizations which have invested a lot of money to operate their ecommerce run at a loss when there is less customer retention. CommerceUp serve to provide solutions for such problems with the right knowledge and support in an affordable price to the customers. A marketplace named Vanitykart based out of Dubai was running their traditional ecommerce platforms at a huge cost and slow experience. Eventually, CommerceUp plat-form helped them to re-launch as well as handle the back-end and frontend operations of their online business, saving time as well as money. Notation is currently focused on on-boarding multiple entrepreneurs and SMEs to use CommerceUp and improve efficiency. Piyush Pathak, the Founder, foresees to improve on user retentions, marketing, and implementation of tools along with giving attention to sales on multiple marketplaces via the single dashboard on the CommerceUp platform.