Nisarga Information Technology Solutions Pvt. Limited Delivering Cloud Solutions at an Affordable Cost

Muralidhar Kannan ,CEO Cloud automation alleviates the complexity that comes with cloud computing orchestration, which is the deployment of the different resources and modules in a cloud computing or virtualized environment. The cost of moving to a cloud platform is shrinking, which means more organizations are capable of adopting some type of cloud model. Whether this is a migration to Office 365 or a full data center-based cloud deployment, the business drivers to move to the cloud are growing, and cloud providers are looking everywhere to increase efficiency. One great way to do this is a structured and layered cloud automation platform. Addressing the performance issues and fine tuning the cloud infrastructure is core strength of Nisarga IT Solutions.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Nisarga IT Solutions provides cloud management and implementation services. Founded in 2012, the company boasts of having clients like SBI, Tata Tele Services, HP, Manipal Group, KPMG to name a few. The company’s focus area in terms of cloud implementation is cloud Automation & Fine Tuning. “When you build a cloud, maximum things will not be perfect because of
performance issues. We have an excellent skill set of addressing this while tuning the cloud under automation services” states Muralidhar Kannan, CEO, Nisarga IT Solutions.

The company has expertise in private cloud implementations and offers public cloud implementation on softwares like AWS or Azure or others depending on the budget. One of the examples of a successful application is SBIICM where Nisarga helped improve the performance of a Private Cloud Implementation of Gyanodaya e-learning Application Portal. Prior to implementation, the portal used to go down for 400-500 concurrent users. After the implementation, portal was able to handle 3000-4000 concurrent users.

The company has expertise in private cloud mplementations and offers public cloud implementation on softwares like AWS or Azure or others depending on the budget

Nisarga offers disaster recovery plans depending on client's need and infrastructure which include site to site replication, VM to VM replication and database replication. “For open source cloud backup solutions, we have tie-up with Arcserve, Bacula and Amanda. We offer these solutions depending on the Customer requirement & budget” elaborates Mahanti Parthu, CTO, Nisarga IT.
Along with IT services and cloud, the company offers digitization and document scanning & document management services. They have worked in Govt, BFSI,

Mahanti Parthu, CTO

Heathcare and Education segments across India. They worked on National Agriculture Market ( for Multi level cluster Implementation. where they worked with KPMG to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.

The company is working on handling the complexity of data storage. According to Parthu “Data storage is going to be a critical and managing the Traditional storage is costly affair in the IT environment. By 2020, the critical data would amount to 5200 zeta bytes. For this reason, we are focusing in software defined storage (SDS) challenging the traditional storage. This will reduce the cost for our clients.” Nisarga IT Solutions has been into high - level implementation services, cloud services and system integration services. Now the company aims to go into IoT and host its own cloud services while incorporating new technologies. The company also aims to expand its horizon to migration services.