Nikom Infrasolutions: Managing Data Centre Lifecycle

Arin Sarkar,Vice President

Arin Sarkar

Vice President

The data center industry is looking for smart, sustainable and integrated solutions for all the processes involved right from the inception to operations, thus covering the entire gambit of the data center life cycle. Been in the data center industry for 15 years, Nikom Infra solutions provides infrastructure that is scalable and ensures business continuity.

Nikom has been the pioneer in deploying new cooling technologies in the industry. It is also among the prime players in India deploying new modular UPS technologies. It stands long in terms of experience right from designing to maintenance, thereby being a one stop solution organization taking care of the entire data center lifecycle.

Nikom ensures providing customized solutions to customers and does not propose 'one-fits-all' approach. In its persuit towards contributing to a greener environment, it also stands as a signatory to IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), an initiative by CII. All the implementation and designs at Nikom are specifically targeted towards building green data centers for the most optimum, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Power management and monitoring is an essential perspective to be able to achieve uptime of the data center. Nikom has made endeavors towards adapting to the growing needs of IT, providing the best infrastructure solutions at the back end to enterprises and Government spaces.
From Design To Management, Covering It All
Every organization today is revolving around high end tech solutions and cannot do without a robust data center. From space requirements to power efficiency and end to end management services, it needs all such solutions to ensure business continuity in the long run. The agility and speed that goes into hyper computing requires a supporting infrastructure, keeping in view the power consumption and cooling. While in the 80s, where 1 kw per rack was the highest density, the medium density today is 10-20 kw per rack and anything above 20 kw per rack is considered as a high density rack.

Nikom is an organization offering complete data center life cycle management. The process starts with analyzing the statement of requirements for the customers which is the genesis of any solution providing and the processes thereafter. The process then takes up to design which is a crucial phase that involves best technology and engineering. The detailed solution building then merges into quantifying the particular solutions. Thus, starting from the design and engineering, moving towards operations and implementation and end to end management, Nikom covers it all. It also provides third party audit services for data centers.

With its inhouse capability to cater to the entire datacentre lifecycle, Nikom is working towards sustainable & renewable datacentre solutions”

Working Towards Greener & Smarter Solutions
Cooling and Power are challenging concerns for data centers. Also Power remains a challenge in the villages where power is erratic, and fast charging solutions are needed. The lithium-ion batteries serve a great purpose occupying less space and charging time, and a longer life cycle. Nikom's efforts are thus lined up with the requirement of the rural sector too. Nikom uses Immersion cooling technology which is the future of data center cooling industry. It looks forward to more such 'Green' solutions and renewable energy resources for powering data centers.

With its inhouse capability to cater to the entire datacentre life cycle, Nikom is working towards sustainable & renewable datacentre solutions

Nikom is humbled to have been recently added as one of the 'Major Players in Indian Data center Ecosystem' in India in 2021 by NASSCOM. This recognizes the achievements and contributions of the organization over its 20-year course of existence. Working with various stakeholders, Nikom essentially focuses on building trust, thus justifying its logo 'Nikom Building Trust'.