Nikom: Delivering End-to-End Data Centre Solutions

Arin Sarkar,  Vice President

Arin Sarkar, Vice President

As technology continues to advance and users demand rising levels of capabilities, data centers will have to progress as well to support these needs. There is no doubt that today’s data centers are far more innovative and challenging than ever before.

Continued Focus on Data Center Sustainability and Power Consumption
One approach that will likely advance is data center sustainability. Organizations like Facebook, Microsoft and the NSA are taking part in data center sustainability efforts, illustrating an over arching trend of working to reduce the carbon footprint of a facility. A recent IDC survey found that lowering energy use is the number one priority for data center operators currently, and this approach will continue into the coming years.

Boosted Efficiency, Reduced Workforce
As this sustainability trend continues, facilities will become increasingly dense and efficient to make the most out of available resources and provide optimal services. However, as facilities become increasingly advanced and
automated, the manpower behind these structures will shrink. Today’s energy crisis is no longer a future concern; the crisis is upon us. In short, the energy supply very soon will fail to meet the world’s ever-increasing energy demand, which is expected to double by 2050. We simply can’t change the earth’s generation of energy capacity, as we have learned the hard way in recent decades, nor can we supplement that supply with alternative means as quickly as needed.

"Nikom provides end-to-end services from Feasibility & Design to Implementation and Complete Operations of Datacenter Infrastructure"

Microscope’s Nick Booth pointed out that these efficiencies will initially be made possible by humans as individuals establish and deploy new systems. However, as these technologies boost the productivity of the data center, the facility will need less and less human over sight. It could be possible that the data center of the future is completely automated and self healing, and may need no human interaction at all.

The concept and tasks of data centers will continue to evolve as the data center industry is changing and proliferating. Many organizations will invest in open source software, manage IOT devices, integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into operations, and prepare for new microprocessor designs.

Nikom InfraSolutions, headquartered in New Delhi, has an integrated capability to design, build and operate state-of-art
build and operate state-of-art Datacenters, and provide Energy Management solutions, on turnkey basis for large and medium enterprises. The company fosters long-lasting and mutually meaningful partnerships with customers and business associates by delivering a credible, ethical, and consistent solution to their business needs at all times.

Nikom have been winning consistently and delivering various prestigious projects such as AOCC ( Airport Operations Control Centre) of Airports Authority of India (AAI), IMD, ONGC, CRIS, AVIVA, Tata Power, CONCOR, KPMG, EvalueServe, L&T Infotech, NTPC and many more. “All the Datacenters and Energy Management Solutions designed and implemented by Nikom are with highest standards of project excellence, ownership and technical expertise”, claims Arin Sarkar, Vice President, Nikom InfraSolutions.

Nikom provides services on an end-to-end basis. Feasibility and design for Datacenter infrastructure; complete Datacenter infrastructure build-out; complete project management of Datacenter projects; Datacenter Audits and Certification; Energy Management solutions; complete operations and management of Datacenter sites; and thereby providing an architecture and platform that takes multiple, siloed systems and adapts them to an integrated solution to reduce energy usage, minimize risk, and prepare your organization for the energy demands of the next century.