Netskope: Pushing the Boundaries of Threat Detection

David Fairman,CSO APACThanks to the internet, the huge world is a well-connected small place now. But with this one-click-easy access, cyber threats like phishing, data breaches, etc are rapidly growing. The exponential adoption of applications across the mobile and internet platforms has forced the data to get shared everywhere. The traditional security technologies are incompetent to provide security to data wherever it goes. As such, a leading cybersecurity company, Netskope headquartered in Santa Clara with offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, India, and Japan with more than 1,100 employees worldwide provides a truly comprehensive security approach.

Providing Worldwide Presence
The company ensures "Every step security for every step the data takes". Netskope provides NSCP-Netskope Security Cloud Platform, which forms the basis for multiple cloud security solution products like Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Public Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The platform is based on a global private cloud with a growing optimized network infrastructure called NewEdge. This infrastructure provides clients with high-availability, low latency security controls world-wide to detect and stop threats and data loss in real-time regardless of where the user is located. Also, NSCP enables a Secure
Access Service Edge (SASE)-ready architecture helping customers simplify, consolidate, and optimize their security posture and technology stack as they adopt cloud, web applications, and services.

Netskope takes a unique data-centric approach to cloud security, following data everywhere it goes and they enable the clients to take advantage of their deep, contextual understanding of the cloud to apply effective security controls that enable safe and secure usage of the cloud and web. Also, Netskope delivers quick and real-time, cloud-native security, without the traditional performance trade-off. As the company continues to build one of the world's largest and fastest security networks, the NewEdge, the end-users can stay assured that their security is always on, always present, and never a roadblock. Netskope's network infrastructure works on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based real-time DLP classification, cloud app risk assessment algorithms, real-time data exfiltration blocking, and dynamic cloud app categorization. These features make NewEdge one of a kind carrier-grade private cloud network that provides high performing access with uncompromised security making it scalable, optimized, and cost-effective. Netskope data centers are globally available to all customers with no additional surcharges, unlike other vendors.

As the fastest-growing SASE Company, Netskope has achieved remarkable business momentum in the last year, reaching a valuation of $3 billion and awarded 2 US patents for ML-based threat detection

The Revolutionizing Intelligence System
As newer technologies are revolutionizing the segment of Cyber Security, Netskope is one step ahead as their app research is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is used to discover, classify, and evaluate the security posture of new apps. They have also built a threat-intelligence system, called NetSkope IQ (NSIQ) to protect clients from systems' data threats. Most of the investment of Netskope goes into the field of Data Science research to push the boundaries of threat detection.

As the fastest-growing SASE Company, Netskope has achieved remarkable business momentum in the last year, reaching a valuation of $3 billion. They have been awarded 2 US patents with over 25 patent claims for ML-based threat detection. The key management of the company has more than a couple of decades experience which makes them highly professional and efficient making them Forbes Cloud 100 company for the third year in a row.