Netedge Technology: Ensuring Fluency in Secured and Managed IT Services

Hardik Acharya ,   CEOA technology driven society consistently improvises its usage and adaptations in IT based operations that could function in accordance with the utilities that ensures seamless running. Businesses today require technology assistance that would not lag in its operations. More so, such businesses look for efficient server management company that would not leave them in the middle of nowhere. Netedge Technology, based out of Ahmedabad, is an IT support provider with a comprehensive expertise in server management & web hosting services, dedicated staffing, infrastructure management, cloud services, software development and Home & Office automation projected over a large framework.

Initiating Server Management and Webhosting support around the clock
A minor flaw in setting up the servers can lead a whole bunch of operations worthless in seconds. Netedge Technology bestow measures to maintain servers operated on Linux and Windows operating systems by efficiently dispensing surveillance all day through night. In its portfolio, the company carries out webhosting as well as technical support using ticketing service. Netedge Technology executes functions that include configuration and optimization of the server,
NOC management, Cloud infrastructure management, and Virtualization management etc. Contrary to popular belief that outsourcing IT services can introduce critical data security problems, Netedge Technology assuresthat the data pertinent with the organization is not misused. Furthermore, Netedge provides security solutions on the server infrastructure by allocating firewall configuration that could shield the system from malicious attacks. One crucial advantage this IT support provider beholds is the constant monitoring service that enables them to work proactively for the client.

Managed IT Services,Software Development & Home and Office Automation

On the expedition to commence a business and start with the operations, majority of organizations neglect the appropriateness in edging their server and make it foolproof from discontinuance or glitches. Netedge has been serving specifically on this area for years by assisting organisations on a plethora of cases related to server malfunctioning. One of Netedge’s clients who run an e-commerce website was languishing over the inept support from another server management service provider. Upon being approached, Netedge scaled their server infrastructure enough to bear load balance in two web servers. The company effectively migrated data from the old to the new infrastructure. Within 10 days the server got revitalised, and since then their business has been perishing with no record of grievances. “What makes us different is the quality in our offerings. We at Netedge don't embroil in wrong commitments. We stand solid to our devoirs and commit promises that we are sure of”, says Hardik Acharya, CEO at Netedge Technology. Organizations find difficulties in streamlining operations or communicating with the server provider when they choose two different companies for the web setup operations. This will eventually lead to issues that popup around server setbacks. Result: the programmer becomes the scapegoat. Netedge certifies to take care of delivering end to end offerings from development to setup, in order to ease off the burden of the client around server management. The company is on the track to mark its presence in IT infrastructure automation, along with the already commenced operations on Home and Office Automation services. Netedge Technology is certain to mileage the services in IT infrastructure in order to automate as much utilities as possible.