NetDataVault: Quintessential Solutions for Unforeseen Cloud and Cyber Security Related Challenges

Pradyumn Jain,  Chairman

Pradyumn Jain, Chairman

Due to modern multi-tier services, data centers have not only been forced to grow in size but also in capability, placing pressure on modern data center managers to maintain seamless operations. In addition, enterprises expect a lot from their IT leaders, such as optimal data center utilization, SLA maintenance, and successful end user experiences. The requirements vary from customer to customer. Therefore, it is in the service provider’s best interest to take a close look into the business that needs the data center solution and then suggest what fits right with the customers’ business strategy and requirements. Although to a fair extent, these strategies are adopted by the present day data center solution providers, interoperability, service quality, security and privacy are still few of the crucial parameters that are unaddressed. Based out of India, NetDataVault (NDV) is a Cloud and SOC Services provider, whose offerings allow enterprises to participate in the Cloud
revolution by eliminating complexity, maximizing control, and reducing costs. NetDataVault has a plethora of diversified business models including SOC services, Collocation Services, Infrastructure as a Services(IaaS), Dedicated Servers, Backup as a Service and DR as a Service, and a clutch of Managed Services (OS,DB, Security, Network).

"NDV has designed the NDV Cloud Services/ IaaS offering to overcome cyber threats"

Starting at the Facility layer, NDV is an ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3 Certified Data Center ensuring the highest availability, with ISO 27001 certification to ensure total security against data theft and information leakages, to diminish risks and uncomplicated server security. Modern Security Systems including video surveillance, biometric access control, motion and entry detection cameras with alarms are installed throughout the premise to control access to the NDV Cloud Infrastructure.

More so, to address the aforementioned loopholes in data center solutions, NDV has now introduced India to a first of its kind, AI and ML enabled SOC as a service platform AiCyber Watch that caters to the needs of BFSIs, NBFCs, Depositories, SMBs and large enterprises a like. Engineered on Big Data Architecture, AiCyber Watch automates real-time threat detection and remediation on a single platform combining out-of-
the box capabilities for asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring, SIEM, and log management.

Testimonial to their Expertise
Owned by NGBPS Limited,NDV is a subsidiary that proudly sets a firm market foot hold with collective 200 man years of industry rich experience. Leveraging this experience, NDV has designed the NDV Cloud Services/IaaS offering to overcome cyber threats. NDV is headed by an industry veteran, Pradyumn Jain as its Chairman. Under his capable guidance, NDV has seen great heights of success. After having gathered significant experience in designing, building and operating data center facilities across large industry verticals, a strategic decision was made at NGBPS to focus on setting up a world class carrier neutral, multi-tenant data center. The Data Center project under the name and sign of NetDataVault was conceived and the build commenced in early 2012. The overall completion was met in March 2013. The Facility exhibits the best-of-breed infrastructure from world leaders supporting the most demanding requirements of the Industry.

With a team of passionate IT enthusiasts on board, NDV is now in the process of setting up cloud infrastructure or points of presence in Mumbai and Bangalore in the third quarter of 2019.