NetDataVault: Enabling Digital Transformation with Cloud Computing

Vinod Natarajan, Chief Business Officer,Dinesh Nayyar, Vice President - Customer Success

Vinod Natarajan, Chief Business Officer

Dinesh Nayyar, Vice President - Customer Success

The influx of technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning has rendered conventional businesses redundant. Customers' needs are ever changing, compelling firms to evolve and adapt. The new paradigm helping them to stay ahead of the curve is digital transformation. Enterprises are leveraging cloud solutions to build robust digital transformation frameworks. Organizations that have opted to invest in a dynamic cloud computing infrastructure ahead of this pandemic have emerged successfully. COVID-19 has forced fence sitters to adopt cloud and transform digitally. As a result, the cloud industry has witnessed double digit growth during and post lockdown. Not surprisingly, this growing industry has laid out a launching ground for several data center solution providers to claim a portion of the pie in the market. How ever, several of them win the rat race of reaping more revenue and confine themselves to become mere service vendors. But NetDataVault Limited a leading ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified data center, cloud, and cyber security service provider on the other hand, goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of a vendor and handholds the customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a project/business.

Founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1995 by former HCLpromoter directors, NGBPS Limited owns NetDataVault, which focuses on data centers and multicloud hybrid IT solutions, and AiCyberWatch, which addresses the urgent need for managed cyber security services. The company's other
line of business includes the training services group, which provides multi disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations globally. NetDataVault has introduced new services like VDI and Software Defined VPN and strengthened its core BC/DR cloud services offerings. Moreover, the firm's cyber security offerings, including VAPT assessments, security operations center, and more under the AiCyberWatch brand, have garnered a lot of interest. Today, NetDataVault has cemented its position in the industry by providing the traditional level of service in a cutting edge or emerging business with effective pricing & targeting. "Our DNA is geared towards supporting traditional firms & new entrants while having a decent ability to support well established, large firms. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to provide a certain level of service that is not readily available today. It is incredibly cost effective, and we offer a great depth in terms of support and hand holding," says Vinod Natarajan, Chief Business Officer, NGBPS Limited.

NetDataVault has raised the bar by being recognized as a cloud hosting solutions provider, whose forte lies in its high-quality service & consultative approach towards aiding customers while being a partner in their business transformation journey

NetDataVault The X-Factor
NetDataVault has raised the bar by being recognized as a cloud hosting solutions provider, whose forte lies in its high quality service & consultative approach towards aiding customers while being a partner in their business transformation journey. Managed Hosting, VDI, and Tally on the cloud are a few of their services that are currently in high demand among clients. In 2012, NetDataVault became North India’s first ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3/Rated-3 Certified Data Center, and the cloud platform, one of the country’s most advanced cloud platforms, was also introduced simultaneously. The NetDataVault cloud platform was India’s first IaaS platform with an orchestration layer and auto scaling capability. A key highlight of its award winning cloud platform is it includes lightweight container management and orchestration engine that allows clients to manage and deploy containers on single hosts and across servers. It consists of features like provisioning, overlay networks, distributed storage, service discovery, high availability, and more, allowing them to spin up, run, and manage several virtual machines simultaneously. With a history of providing distinguished services to its clients, NetDataVault was recognized as a top data center service provider by NASSCOM in recent reports. Today, NetData Vault provides next generation cloud services to clients across industries, including BFSI, NBFC, IT, ITeS, and IoT. With several plans in the pipeline, NetDataVault is looking to expand its footprint in the field by using a sales and business driven approach.